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I would recommend that you perform deep breathing exercises, and yoga sessions. Start taking Oxy-Drops oxygen supplement (in each glass of drinking water). 

Oxy-Oil (8 oz)
Oxy-Oil (4 oz)

I do not carry, or sell most herbs in individual form. You may want to check the products that contain Graviola Leaf.

Drug residues will remain in the tissues for some time. The more you detox, take herbals, and eat raw fruits and vegetables (drink fruit and vegetable juice), drink good water, etc. The faster the drug residues will leave the body. Drugs are not assimilated in the body, because they are not organic, they end up lodged in the tissues of the body. When you take herbs, and eat fruits and vegetables, the tissues are cleansed and that's how the drug residues are eliminated from the body. You are on the right path, and I suggest you keep doing what you're doing. Don't even worry about the past drug medicine use. Stay in the NOW (moment), and focus on what you desire and you will be alright. A cayenne/garlic formula would aid you. Go for it! Make sure changes are made to the diet because it's the primary factor in HBP along with stress. Check out our "Dietary Choices" section under 'More Services' on the Home Page. 

I'd suggest the University of Kemetian Sciences @ (Phil Valentine). Also check out Clayton College of Health. Read some of our articles tagged "Herbology".

Inquire about a waiver form! Cinchona is used in a few formulas sold at Otherwise you'd have to inquire with a local herb store to purchase it individually. It's a rare herb (also known as Peruvian Bark)

You have some inner blocks that are holding you back. The problems are recorded in your chakras and thus you should have chakra work performed by a qualified (doesn't mean "certified"), and trusted energy healer. Instead of focusing on keeping your life in balance, focus on what you desire to do only. I really suggest that you read my e-book manuals: "The Money, Wealth, and Prosperity Manual", "The Mental Science Manual", and the new "Discovering Your Life's Higher Purpose" (highly recommended). I can totally relate to what you're saying and experiencing! You're just blocked! You may have some vital information stored in your natal chart as well. You need an inner diagnosis performed. If you order all the tools named above, I will give you the consultation for free so we can nail down the location(s) of the inner blockages. You very well may be blocked at the First, and Third chakras. Fear is stored in the First chakra, just to let you know. You can be helped, Beloved! Stay positive, and focus on your desires. Like I state in the "Mental Science Manual", play in your mind! Live in it and miraculously the things stored in the mind, and constantly played out will manifest.

Glad you enjoyed the e-book! However, sounds like you did not receive a copy of the updated version which lists this information. ALKALINE WATER MACHINE: Aardvark Juicers Compare Ionizers Earth Trade Fern's Nutrition Healing Water Machines Healthnut Alternatives Heartland Herb Shop High Tech Health Ion Life Kangen Life Ionizers Natural Solutions Tyent USA Review of Best 3 Alkaline Water Machines OZONE MACHINES: Applied Ozone Systems Enaly Water Oz p.s - Water Oz makes the best ozone machines!

Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual (EBook)

The soy milk is really not a good alternative milk. Please read the article on "Alternative Infant Formula Milk" as well as the article "Breast Problems". You'll find answers and remedies in these articles. Herbs are better than inserting some man-made device in the vagina, but it's her choice. Everything has a resonating energy, and the energy from the gadget will alter her vaginal energy. 

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