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No you cannot consume the supplement while on the cleanse. The cleanse has a Colon & Digestive Tract that will help assist with bowel movements and your overall digestive system.

Full Body Cleanse
Colon & Digestive Tract

Guinea hen weed is found in the Amazon rainforest and tropical areas of Central and South America, the Caribbean and Africa. It has a long history as a medicinal plant.  Unfortunately we do not use Guinea Hen Weed in any of our products. We cannot advise on things we don't sell.  If you tell us what you're trying to achieve in taking the Guinea hen weed we can further assist you.

Everyone's body is different and responds to the regimen differently. Losing 5 pounds in days is okay. Distilled water is the best type of water that helps to detox the body. You should be drinking half your body weight in water. Anything you put into your body you can expect it to come out. Bowel movements and urination is directly related to the foods and beverages you're consuming. Be sure that you're consuming three regular meals a day; eating fruits and vegetables with fiber.

Full Body Cleanse

All of our products are 100% all natural plant life herbs. We do not use any kind of unnatural ingredients including animal products, gluten, binders or fillers or chemicals.

You can add the Gemini Formula to the regimen, but it is best to consume the supplements after cleansing. You want to allow your body to focus on one thing at a time. If you do decide to add the formula to the regimen be sure that you allow 2-3 hours after taking the supplements for the cleanse before consuming the additional formula. Please read "Gemini Health".

The frozen vegetables are okay to consume while on the cleanse, but we highly recommend eating fresh produce. You can reap more benefits from foods when they're fresh and alive.

Unfortunately you cannot consume any pre-made store juices or smoothies. Those kind of beverages contain preservatives and additives to help sustain shelf life and is also pasteurized (processed foods).

No, you cannot smoke anything while detoxing your body.

Unfortunately we cannot advise on the use of one herb. We do use Saw Palmetto in some of our formula's, however consuming a herb by itself is different as opposed it being one ingredient of many. Saw Palmetto is an herb that provides a natural sources of beta sitosterol.  It's a substance found in plants used to help heart disease and high cholesterol.  We can better assist you if you tell us what you're trying to achieve in the use of Saw Palmetto.

Yes, you can use the Nutri Bullet. However the texture doesn't always come out the same. The Nutri Bullet is more so geared towards making smoothies.

Yes, you can add protein to the diet of the cleanse. You can't use any protein powders that are dairy based like whey. We recommend spirulina, hemp protein powder or green pea protein. You can also get protein from the foods within the diet. Raw foods that are high in protein include almonds, broccoli, spinach, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, swiss chard, snow peas and much more.

Full Body Cleanse

We recommend doing the Full Body Cleanse first. It's a detox program that helps reset your body into functioning properly. Start taking the Nerve Formula and Central Nervous System Formula to help address the neuropathy in your feet.

Full Body Cleanse
Central Nervous System
Nerve Formula
Nerve-Calming Tea

We recommend doing with the Full Body Cleanse to detox your body of waste and toxins that often contribute to health ailments like such. In doing the cleanse, you're detoxing all of your major organs giving your body the reset it needs to function properly. Your body is more receptive to healing itself when your overall health is in a better place. Move on to The Female Cleanse to specifically help aid with the conditions of PCOS. After addressing the PCOS you can move on to the Uterus Cleanse to help with conceiving if you're still experiencing difficulties. Please take time to read the following article:  Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Full Body Cleanse
The Female Cleanse
Uterus Cleanse

The Maintenance Package does not require you to keep a raw food diet, but to help maintain results after cleansing it's best to sustain a diet that is similar or healthy. Once you finish the cleanse you can start reintroducing your body back to regular foods gradually. In the back of the book it explains how and what foods are okay to consume post cleanse. We suggest starting off slow with foods like brown rice, lean meats, and steamed vegetables. Be sure to monitor your body's reaction as certain foods that were eliminated from your diet can be rejected after cleansing.

Full Body Cleanse
Maintenance Package

Nausea is usually related to a condtion you might be experiencing. It's always best to address what's causing the nausea. To help assist wit nausea we recommend trying the Ginger Root Extract and Activated Charcoal to help when you're experiencing nausea.

Activated Charcoal

Everyone's body is different, as reactions to the cleanse can vary. Withdrawal symptoms can occur whenever you're detoxing the body.  The supplements in the Substance Cleanse are not geared towards helping with heroin addiction.  We recommend that he takes the following supplements below to help assist with eliminating his addiction.  Each formula plays a role in helping to eliminate cravings, calm his nerves and restore his immune system.  Please feel free to give us a call at (866) 434-3727 if you need any further assistance.

Blood & Lymphatic
Electric Greens Combo
Nerve Formula
Activated Charcoal
Substance Cleanse
Substance Tea

Unfortunately you cannot consume almond milk while on the cleanse unless it's homemade. Most almond milks contain additives that help sustain shelf life. Here's a homemade almond milk recipe.

Yes, you can consume tea while on the cleanse. Be sure that the tea is natural and doesn't contain any caffeine.

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