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You can eat whatever raw fruits and vegetables you like or which are your favorite (and as much as you like).

Clay water is good to drink for health purposes. It really doesn't have minerals for absorption as it mostly pulls harmful elements from your body. For minerals, take herbs. Visit our on-line store to get an idea or on our site do a SEARCH for minerals.

Please consider scheduling a 1-hour health consultation (only $100) so as to get at the root of all these problems. She's too young to be going through all of this. Time just won't allow for a detailed written response here. However, I will suggest she perform the Full Body Cleanse as she sounds pretty toxic. It's good she may start at a young to better her health. She doesn't have to suffer!

Full Body Cleanse

Read the article "Toe Nail Fungal Infection" for foot remedies. I can tell you this: you need to detoxify your body. Check out Full Body Cleanse!

Full Body Cleanse

Please read the article "Bacterial Vaginosis" for remedies and recourse. Lesions? That's not from BV, but sounds like it is from a STD infection. Both of you would do well to perform the Full Body Cleanse followed by The Female Cleanse and The Male Cleanse.

Full Body Cleanse
The Male Cleanse
The Female Cleanse

I humbly and respectfully submit: How could I specifically know that? How could I know what YOUR body will do? Do you understand where I'm coming from? The best way to discover anything is to do it - experience it for yourself. Your question is very legitimate, but again, how could anyone know in advance what your body will do while cleansing?

It really sounds like you guys could use a consultation. Please consider a consultation. The lesion could be a sign of genital herpes.

Raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds; fruit smoothies, salads, raw foods entrees, etc.

There is a safer solution: don't do the procedure. But this is your personal choice to make. I'd recommend giving the child Rainforest Tonic Tea (sweetened with maple syrup, of course). Read our articles on "Surgery" and "The Dangers of Chemotherapy".

First perform the Full Body Cleanse and after this cleanse, take daily 3 capsules of Headache And Pain Formula, Menstrual Cycle Formula, and Nerve Formula. Read our free articles too, especially about female health issues (i.e. "Myth Of Menstruation").

Full Body Cleanse
Menstrual Cycle Formula
Nerve Formula

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