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No, these women should BECOME successful, but not lose their health and/or souls in the process of becoming successful. The corporate sector has played a great "role" in Black women gaining weight because the jobs are too sedentary and they have access to too much sugary junk which converts to fat because corporate jobs don't allow them to burn off the fat. I've seen this firsthand with many once fine sisters who blew up like houses within a 5 year period. Corporate America was the venue in which Black women CHOSE to let their health go by the wayside, at least the majority of them. Thank you for sharing your views and sentiments on this Dear Sista! Much obliged! Please read "Here’s What Sugar Does To Your Brain ", "How The Food Industry Helps Engineer Our Cravings ", "Will Increased Serving Sizes Make America Healthier? ".

My question is about hair loss. I am a 45 year old African American female. I started losing my hair about 15 years ago. I specifically remember unusual symptoms before it started to fall out. First, my entire scalp had a burning sensation, and it was very tender to the touch. It was very difficult to brush, comb and wash. Then after that, I am not sure how much longer after, but a dry patch of skin developed toward the back of my head (approximately 1 inch in diameter). I was able to peel it off and pull it through the strains of hair (very weird). That happened a couple of times and not too long after that, my hair started to fall out in large amounts for a fairly long period of time. At the moment I would say that I am mostly bald with hair mostly around the edges. Also I would like to mention that hair started to grow on my chest BUT I started to lose hair in my vaginal area. Sorry if some of this sounds sketchy but it's been 15 years!! I will try to give you a little bit of my history. I am 5'8" and 135lbs. I would say that for the most part, I have been an athlete all my life. My menses were very irregular sometimes and/or absent for long periods of time. When my menses were present, I had very bad cramps and clotting. My menses are now very regular and I hardly have any cramps, my flow is light and very little clotting. I would have to say that it is now a pleasure to have my "period". This also might be a result from switching my diet to a vegetarian diet. I have been a vegetarian for about 16 years. I would say 20% is dairy, but after reading your articles, I am trying my best to become vegan, hopefully even a raw foodist. I also eat tofu. I have never had hair problems growing up. I did get relaxers, but only twice a year. I have had my appendix removed when I was in elementary school. My bowel movements are usually once a day. (I know it needs to be 3.) So anyway, I have been to a couple of medical doctors to no avail, so now I am coming to you. I just received the following products from your company today (10-06-08). I am looking forward to using them. - MSM Sulfur - Electric Greens Combo - Colon & Digestive Tract - HEALING HERBAL TOOTH POWDER - Hair & Scalp Oil One last note: I have had maybe one cold in the last 3 years. I can't remember the last time I had the flu. So thank the Lord, my health has been pretty good. Thank you for reading about my situation and hopefully you can shed some light on what is going on with my body.

Have you read the 2 health articles on hair ("Hair Problems" and "Black Hair, Nappy Hair")? If not, please read these articles for remedy and recourse. Also, read our article "Skin Disorder = Blood Disorder"."

I do not recommend drugs and Coumadin is a drug. Please try our Cerebrovascular formula


Everyone's body has a different reaction, there's no standard time frame for the shrinking of fibroids as they take years to develop. Some people notice a difference immediately while it may take more time for others. The diet you've kept prior to taking the supplements and while taking it plays a major role in how fast they shrink in addition to the size of the tumors. Please read "When Will I See Results After Taking The Herbs?".

Please read our "Toe Nail Fungal Infection" article and the procedures we recommend for soaking the feet.

Yes, you can use shea butter and olive oil in the hair. They're both great natural products that promote good healthy hair. A lot of the hair products on the market contain substances that aren't great for your hair. When using natural things such a shea butter you know what you're using. Please read some of our articles on "Hair Care".

It's hogwash! The ancients used this stuff. If it was for mind control and brainwashing purposes, how many people do you know who can afford this stuff? It's too expensive for most people. They don't want people to use this stuff and become spiritually conscious. Don't you think they would promote something cheaper and that everyone can get access to or afford if they wanted to brainwash folks? Mono-atomic Gold is AWESOME! It is not for the masses!

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