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Yes! Jackrabbit formula is safe! However, I would also take Cardiovascular formula as well! Heart attacks can be prevented by taking care of the heart, especially by a healthy diet.


Give the child Eye Formula and/or Bilberry Tea in a cup or bottle daily.

Eye Formula

When people don't heal it's usually mental. Please order and read our Mental Science Manual. Keep taking the products but get understanding on why you are not healing. Please read the article "When Will I See Results After Taking The Herbs?" which you can find in our articles section. Focus on optimal health and well being and not being cured from herpes.

No we do not! We have herbs that cause urination! You don't want to stop urination!

Unfortunately no! You may want to locate a small herbal store to purchase.

Cardiovascular formula, Electric Greens Combo, and Circulation Aid formula.

Circulation Aid
Electric Greens Combo

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