Chocolate Cherry Tart Raw Bars

Chocolate Cherry Tart Raw Bars

Get a healthy dose of protein and fiber by snacking on this superfood bar, which combines notes of sweet cherry with bitter cacao.

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A cherry on top is always better when chocolate is involved. Our Chocolate Cherry Tart raw food bar is the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. The intense dark chocolate flavors brighten up from the sweet dried cherries. The sweet dried cherries and dates bind the sunflower seeds, cacao, and hemp seeds together for smooth texture with pockets of crunch. Snacking on this nut-free bar satisfies any sweet or chocolaty craving that you have in a healthier and more satisfying way. This bar is fully raw, dairy-free, plant-based, and vegan, making it the perfect snack during any Dherbs Cleanse.

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  • Patrice
    The Chocolate Cherry Tart Bar I wasn't sure how it was going to taste, but I actually enjoyed it. I liked the sweet and tart taste and the bar is very filling. *
  • Iko
    I liked the taste of this bar. The tart/bitters offset and balance the cherry and chocolate flavors nicely so it's not too sweet. I also like that the bar is raw vegan and can be consumed during the cleanse, and other times too. My main concern is the price. I would like a more reasonable price per individual bar. *
  • Joseph
    It was ok, not sure I would by again. I didn't like the tartness of the bar, but for the cleanse/fast it did fill me up. *
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