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You require the Full Body Cleanse. And after the detox, change your diet that caused the problem in the first place. Go vegan!

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

Ice eating is caused by PICA or mineral deficiency! Only mineral testing or kinesiology could tell you for sure.

Senna is mixed with so many herbs in our formulas to cause any type of allergic reaction. You're not taking pure Senna by itself. Please read "Are Herbs Safe To Take?".

Yes, perform the Full Body Cleanse and drink herbal tea of Cornsilk and/or Juniper Berry while and after detoxing.

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

Are you capricorn, aquarius, or pisces? These signs usually have ailments suchas what you describe. Capricorn governs the legs (and knees), aquarius governs the ankles and pisces the feet. You are attracting these injuries via thought. A message is being conveyed, perhaps about the direction of your life. It would take a full consultation to get to the root of the problem. Give the body parts nutrition in the form of MSM Sulfur, Joint Aid and Headache And Pain Formula. We give 15% discounts for written testimonies. We really have no way to track referrals, so we rely upon testimonials to reward people for all they do for

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Sounds like an abscess but they are usually painful. I have never heard of this. But if there is a protrusion then you have fluid buildup. Detoxify your body. Gargle with warm water, sea salt and a little 3% hydrogen peroxide. Also, swoosh with Sesame Seed oil for about 10-15 minutes. Do not gargle; just swoosh it from side to side in your mouth.

Fear and ignorance is a bad combination. They cannot help you in any way. That's unfortunate. God ordained the herbs for the service of man (Psalm 104:14), to be used for medicine (Ezekiel 47:12) and for the healing of the nations (revelation 22:2). God did not ordain man-made drugs, but yet in still people take them. Strange indeed! Typical! You can't fault the doctor for telling you to take the poisonous pre-natals. That's what doctors are trained to do. Doctors do not know anything about nutrition and diet, only prescription drugs and surgery. What is it in a plant that can scare you? it's a plant and can do no harm. Wow! If you believe it, then guess what, you are? You have chosen to believe and thus are a high risk pregnancy. What benefit do you get from being a high risk pregnancy? Absolutely nothing! But it's your right to believe in what you will under free will. Advise you? Our whole website advises you on what's the truth and what should be done. Start reading some of our articles. Knowledge is power! If the pre-natals are not from plants, you cannot assimilate them into your body and thus the baby is not getting any nourishment whatsoever. The baby's liver is being taxed with these harmful drugs recommended by a doctor. Do the thing you fear and the fear will go away! Trust in God and do what's best for your baby. Don't make decisions out of fear, but out of love (for your baby), which equates to truth!

Sounds like you may be interested in our Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual (EBook) which has a listing of healthy/alternative products including skin care products. It's available from the on-line store. The nubain heritage soaps we sell are good but i actually recommend kiss my face brands for skin care purposes. There is really no need to wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is promoted because it was invented and so it must sell, so a theory that the sun was damaging to the skin was created and sunscreen began to sell.

Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual (EBook)

Please take the time to read our "Toe Nail Fungal Infection" article. Your toe nails come off because your toes are degenerating. They are not receiving nutrition, oxygen etc. You need to take better care of your feet. The "Toe Nail Fungal Infection" article offers valuable pincers for you. Please read the article. 

There are natural solutions for ms. Please read our "Multiple sclerosis" article for the different modalities and recommended dietary plan.

Just a base ingredient i wouldn't worry about. One or two suspect ingredients are better than a totally toxic product.

This is a glandular defect as the sweat is controlled by the sweat glands. Reboot your body. Detox! After detoxing consume a lot of cayenne, ginger, and cinnamon to help rebalance your sweat gland activity. A great formula to take is Circulation Aid formula.

Circulation Aid

Sit the stone in a glass of distilled water overnight preferably in a window so as to expose it to moonlight. After 24 hours, pour the solution into a dark amber bottle to preserve it (put it in a dark place, i.e. Cabinet). Drink 1 tablespoon when needed! Or, you can drink the entire glass of water if you'd like. That's what i do. Please read "Crystal Cleansing and Clearing", "Meditating With Crystals".

Beloved, you have to read the information on the website. It's all there! Read "Healing Crisis" (article) "Is this normal?" (article), Detox Troubleshooter, Frequently Asked Qquestions. As we state in our Detox Troubleshooting and Healing Crisis guide, you are terribly toxic and chances are this is your first time performing our detox system Full Body Cleanse which is highly powerful and effective. If you have just begun the detox and you have vomited or are vomiting, temporarily stop taking the capsules and drink plenty of water and/or ginger tea (to help with feeling nauseated) and lie down if you can. Take a day or two off of the program before you start back up, but when you start back up, instead of taking five (5) capsules, only take 2 or 3 capsules and slowly work your way back up to 5 capsules. Also, you are free to finish the cleanse by only taking 2 or 3 capsules of each formula but of course the cleanse will last longer than 3-weeks.

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

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