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Try the Full Body Cleanse and drink 4 ounces of bitter unsweetened cranberry juice (diluted with water of course) while performing the Full Body Cleanse.

Full Body Cleanse

As everybody is different, it depends on the individual person. However, herbs work or begin to work once they are inside your body.

It's not a product alone that can help you. It's a message to you from your body. Knees denote RIGIDITY in life. You need to bend, go with the flow in life. Bend - be flexible!

We have an inhaler called "Focus" that is inhaled. There are no herbs for children to help them focus. There are herbs for the brain however. With children it's usually they are bored and thus do not focus. Read our article on ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) under ARTICLES section on our site.

Focus & Concentration Inhaler

Please read our article entitled Vertigo on our site under articles for your answers and solutions.

Read this article: "AIDS/HIV" Products that will help you: Electric Greens Combo, Vitamin C, Immune Support, and Rainforest Tonic.

Electric Greens Combo
Immune Formula
Vitamin C

Yes it's safe, unless you are taking those dangerous pharmaceutical drugs (medication) and you plan to take the jackrabbit formula while taking drugs.

The best thing to do is performing the Full Body Cleanse and reboots your system (body). I'd also suggest you try The Female Cleanse after detoxing as well. These help to reboot and refresh your system. The best water to drink is "Alkaline water".

Full Body Cleanse
The Female Cleanse

Oh wow! Have her take Eklampein Formula and Cardiovascular Formula . Sounds like she has Eclampsia. Please read our article on "Eclampsia" under articles on our site.


You take the Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen until you get healing and the cleanse should be performed 2-3 times a year. Herpes is also mental, dietary, and lifestyle so you also have to work on these things as well. The best thing you can do to help yourself heal is read our article "Genital herpes" and get some understanding on herpes and what it is and why you contracted it in the first place and how you can heal from it.

Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen

Fecundity is for fertility. You must address the blockage and what is causing the blockage! You should think about detoxing (Full Body Cleanse). Target blockage first and then target infertility.

Full Body Cleanse

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Zinc Formula