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We explain what a snack is in the detox regimen. A snack is a small meal. You can snack as much during the detox as long as your snacks are raw.

The Immune Tea plays another major role in detoxing your body. We suggest using 20-30 ounces of sea salt in each bath. Depending on the size of the sea salt you purchase you don't have to use all of it for just one use.

Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen
Immune Tea

Aspirin is a drug and will thin your blood and cause a stroke. Read my article The Dangers of Aspirin on my website under Articles. Aspirin kills 25,000 people per year.

No need to panic, Beloved! The human body is magnetic itself. The magnets should pass via his intestines. When? Of course I can't tell you for sure but just know that they will pass. Nothing to worry about!

Be careful how you brush your teeth. Use a wet (warm) cloth instead of bristles from a toothbrush. Brush with herbs of goldenseal, white oak bark, cransebill, and barberry powder. These herbs stop bleeding!

This medication will harm you and could even kill you! You want to build the blood, not alter it. You may want to consider our STROKE BUSTER formula as it is better and safer for you. I also would recommend CIRCU-LAID formula. These formulas will greatly help you!

Circulation Aid

NO! The HIV medications are unnatural and are harming your body. The herbs will help your body to heal! You don't have to take your HIV meds, but it's your choice!

I recommend the CHOLESTEROL BUSTER, Circu-laid-Formula, and VITAMIN C Formula as an alternative.

Cholesterol Formula
Circulation Aid
Vitamin C

Read my article on "Surgery" for my answer about surgery. In regards to fibroids, I believe in removing them naturally. I recommend the Full Body Cleanse followed by the Fibroid Buster Kit and Regimen and then a daily Fibroid regimen. Biological clock ticking? Get rid of this notion! It's all in your head. The mind can give you anything you desire! Think healthy and think positive! Any time you believe that you can conceive you will achieve - guaranteed!

Full Body Cleanse
Uterus Formula
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)
Uterus Cleanse

Read our article on ULCERS! All ulcer conditions can be treated by consuming aloe vera juice, drinking cabbage and brussel sprout juice. Consider Dherbs Ulcer Buster, Electric Greens Cell Food, and Colon Formula.

Colon & Digestive Tract
Electric Greens Combo

That's the beauty of the magic of Dherbs: BEST PRODUCTS and at a LOWER PRICE compared to the competition. Your math is excellent! You will agree our products are better than any others you have tried in the past - guaranteed!

Yes, that's one way. Make a tea out of them. You could put the herbs in a muslin cloth or tea ball and add to boiling water; and then it's easier to make and less clean up.

We list them in the " Alternative Diet & Lifestyle Manual." I use "Aubrey Organic" brand of shampoo and conditioner (available at good health food stores). Avalon organic also makes good products. An article is coming soon!

Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual (EBook)

No, ma'am! The kit only suffices for one person! Some people purchase 1 kit and share with another person (lasting up to 10 days) and before the 10th day they buy another Full Body Cleanse to keep the detox going for the entire 20 days. You could do this! But just purchase another Full Body Cleanse kit by Day 7.

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

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Vitamin C