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Fibroids develop from certain foods within the diet such as sugar, dairy, certain meats and other processed foods.  When your body doesn't expel waste properly the tumors can develop. We always recommend doing the Full Body Cleanse followed by the Uterus Cleanse, especially for large fibroids.  Both cleanses require you to adjust your diet, which is a major part in getting rid of the tumors.  The Full Body Cleanse eliminates the toxins and waste from your body and detoxes all of your major organs.  The body is always more receptive to healing when your overall health is in a better state.  The Uterus Cleanse includes multiple formulas that helps the tumors shrink. You can continue with the Uterus  Formula after cleansing.  

Full Body Cleanse
Uterus Formula
Uterus Cleanse

The difference between the capsule version of the Full Body Cleanse and the Liquid Cleanse is within its potency. The Liquid Cleanse is less potent due the extraction of herbs being converted from plant to liquid form. This information is included on the product page of the Liquid Cleanse.  The capsules are always going to produce better results.  You can exchange the product if you like, it would need to be within 15 days of receiving it.

Full Body Cleanse

Cooking foods takes out the nutrients and enzymes that are beneficial to our bodies, so eating food in it’s most natural state is best. Unfortunately there's no alternative diet to the regimen. The herbs work in conjunction with the raw food diet. You would need to consume some vegetables while on the cleanse. You can incorporate raw vegetables into smoothies, but it would be best to also consume whole foods.

Full Body Cleanse

It's common for certain foods within a diet to cause bloating and to decrease your energy. The Full Body Cleanse is beneficial in more ways than just weight loss. It's a detox program that cleanses all of your major organs including the colon, boosting your energy levels and immune system. The purpose for cleansing is to eliminate waste and toxins that accumulates over the course of time that often contributes to that lethargic feeling. Your body has it's own intelligence. It won't allow you to lose necessary weight when you're already at the appropriate weight for your height. We recommend eating the foods in the diet that are high in fat such as avocados, almonds, sunflower seeds, pecans, pumpkin seeds and coconut products.

Full Body Cleanse

The Full Body Cleanse can help eliminate the presence of parasites, however it does not specifically address parasites and worms in the body. It would be best to start with the Full Body Cleanse and move on to the Parasite and Worms Cleanse And Regimen. You can better assess what your body needs when your overall health is in a better state.

Full Body Cleanse
ParaWrm Formula
ParaWrm Tea
ParaWrm Cleanse

Diabetes can often create a domino affect on the health as it slows up the circulation in the body. Men often experience erectile dysfunction due to certain health ailments like Diabetes. We recommend starting off with The Full Body Cleanse first to eliminate backed up toxins and waste from your system. In doing the cleanse, you’re detoxing all of your major organs including the lungs putting your overall health into a better state. Your body is always more receptive to healing from the conditions when your health is in a better state. The regimen and the diet for the cleanse helps to recondition your body, helping it distinguish the difference between refined sugar and sugar from a natural source. After completing the cleanse, move on to the Pancreas Cleanse And Regimen to specifically help aid with the conditions of diabetes.  Cleansing helps give your body a reset, helping it function on it's own. After completing both cleanses, you can better assess what your body needs.  You can always try the Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen and the The Male Cleanse if needed after addressing your number one health issue. Please take time to read the following articles: Diabetes, Respiratory Health, Penile Erectile Dysfunction.

Full Body Cleanse
Pancreas Cleanse
The Male Cleanse
Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen

We always recommend starting off with the Full Body Cleanse to help eliminate the toxins and waste that often contributes to recurring issues in the body. You should move on to the 10 Day Flora Balance Cleanse to specifically address the candida presence in your body. After cleansing you should avoid consuming a lot of sugar, dairy and processed foods. You can also continue to take the Flora Balance as a maintenance. We also recommend reading our article entitled Candida Albicans: Yeast Infection.

Full Body Cleanse
Flora Balance
10 Day Flora Balance Cleanse (F or M)

Yes, you can still take the capsules. Herbs don't expire they just become less potent over time. After five months it's still okay to consume.

No, you cannot consume any kind of coffee or caffeine while cleansing. One of the main purposes of the cleanse, is to give your body a break from the things it's accustom to receiving; letting your body function on it's own. It's common for people to get proper sleep at night, have energy, but still have a need to consume coffee or some type of caffeine. It's important for your body to produce natural energy. You can consume herbal tea's while cleansing, Green Tea provides the most energy. The Dangers of Drinking Coffee.

Full Body Cleanse

We would recommend giving her the Lung Extract, Mucus Formula and Chest Salve. These formula's all have a different approach in addressing asthma, they all help recondition the health of the lungs. We suggest giving her only one capsule a day from the Mucus Formula. The Chest Salve is a product that we usually only include in our Respiratory Cleanse. Because it helps improve the health of the lungs, we would sell it separately. You can also incorporate the Respiratory Aid Extract into her regimen. Please take time to read the following article: Respiratory Health.

Mucus Formula
Chest Salve

The Anti-Viral Extract would be the best thing for him to take. You can dilute the extract by adding it to his milk.  If you're breastfeeding, you can use the milk as a topical approach as it has healing properties as well.

Anti-V Formula

No, you cannot consume the Bunny Rabbit Formula. It's best to only consume supplements that provide nutrients to your body for you and your baby.

We would recommend several products to help address the things you're looking to achieve. We suggest starting off with the Full Body Cleanse. By detoxing all of your major organs and eliminating accumulated waste and toxins; you're giving your body a reset into functioning the way it should. The body is always more receptive to conceiving when your overall health is in a better place. We suggest taking the Breast Formula after cleansing to help enhance the breast tissues. The Bunny Rabbit formula can help improve your sex drive and can assist with vaginal dryness. You can take these two supplements together, just be sure to allow 1-2 hours in between taking each formula. We would recommend using a natural lubricant like coconut oil as a lubrication. You can always move on to the Uterus Cleanse if needed. Vaginal dryness.

Full Body Cleanse
Female Breast Formula
Uterus Cleanse
Bunny Rabbit

You don't have to start over, you can continue with the cleanse. You're compromising the results of your cleanse when you eat foods outside the diet.

We recommend doing the Full Body Cleanse. It helps reduce the amount of inflammation and mucus in the body that often leads to joint issues. After detoxing, your body starts to function better, as it gives the body the reset it needs. We suggest taking the MSM Sulfur and Joint Aid after the Full Body Cleanse. These two supplements help repair bone and joint health. 

Full Body Cleanse
Joint Aid
MSM Sulfur

Yes, when you have a candida issue it's best to avoid refined sugar. Sugar from a natural source like fruits should be consumed moderately. In your case it would be best to consume fruits mainly in the mornings for breakfast when your body maximizes on food the most, avoiding the ones that are very high in sugar.

Distilled and Alkaline water have detoxing properties that are beneficial while on the cleanse. It's best to give your body a break from everything that it's used to receiving, even the water you're accustom to drinking. Because water can contain toxins like mercury and fluoride that we're not aware of, it's best to detox with water that specifically filters out these chemicals. Below is an article on water to help provide more insight: Alkaline Water.

There are numerous factors that contribute to ADD and ADHD, however one of the main one’s is diet. We recommend giving your child the Children’s Full Body Liquid Cleanse to eliminate the waste and toxins from their system. In doing the cleanse their detoxing all of their major organs, putting their overall health into a better place making it more receptive to treatment. The cleanse requires a raw food vegan based diet, to help give your child’s body the break it needs from certain foods that play a big role in the condition. After your child finishes the cleanse we recommend giving them the Magical Alchemical Elixir, Brain Booster and the Sixth Chakra formula's to specifically help aid with the conditions of ADHD. Please take time to following articles: Should I Give My or ADHD Child Drugs?, Attention-Deficit Disorder.

Brain Booster

All of our products are 100% all natural plant life herbs. We do not use any kind of unnatural ingredients including animal products, gluten, GMO, binders or fillers.

All of our products are 100% all natural plant life herbs. We do not use any kind of unnatural ingredients including animal products, gluten, GMO, binders or fillers. There's nothing that mimics caffeine in any of the products including the Full Body Cleanse.

Full Body Cleanse

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