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You will need more than herbs to wholistic solve the problem, but consider herbs of Valerian Root, Kava Kava, Wild Lettuce, and Scullcap. I also recommend our Ethereal Bliss and Nerve Formula.

Nerve Formula

Yes, the information in the Body Odor article applies to your situation. The key thing is to first detox with the, Full Body Cleanse, followed by 10 Day Colon Cleanser. Drink vegetable juice daily, and perform the sea salt soak as much as possible. Read the article "Sea Salt Soak". A raw foods diet is going to be best for you, at least until you get your desired results. Take matters one day at time and think positive. Utilize "mental healing" (order and read my "Mental Science Manual") as all healing and solutions begin in the mind.

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)
10 Day Colon Cleanser

The child should have his or her body detoxified with the Children's Detox, before begining the Magical Alchemical Elixir. So, first consider ending the use of Concerta, detox the child, and then start the child on the elixir. We currently sell Nerve-Calming Tea, see below.

Nerve-Calming Tea

It's a sign of lack of nutrition. Change your diet, no meat, dairy, refined grains, and refined starches. Perform the Electric Greens Combo Cleanse, afterwards take Vitamin C, Iodine Phosphate, and MSM Sulfur! Article: "Toe Nail Fungal Infection".

MSM Sulfur
Vitamin C
10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen

The Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen helps heal the liver. It does not kill viruses!

Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen

I would suggest Ethereal Bliss, and for you to order and read our "Mental Science Manual" e-book. You need to recondition your mind! Please read "Time To Relax: 6 Herbs To Calm Your Anxious Mind".

Thrush typically clears up on its own in a couple of weeks. Some babies find thrush painful and bothersome, while others don't seem to notice. If you find that the thrush doesn't go away or is painful to your baby, give our Oral Antiseptic Spray a try. This product is an excellent natural first aid that helps against oral infections. Cleaning and sterilizing pacifiers may also help. If you are a breastfeeding mother, let your nipples air dry between feedings to prevent thrush.  

Visit our articles section and you will find what you need, information-wise! Products I would recommend include Full Body Cleanse, The Male Cleanse, and the Jackrabbit for starters. Article: "Impotence, Infertility, and Sterility".

Full Body Cleanse
The Male Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

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