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It's not mandatory to take the anti-viral baths, but it does help enhance ridding your body of viruses through soaks. The bath drops are included in the anti-viral regimen because it is an added benefit in the healing process. Bath soaks allow the herbal oils to seep into your pores helping your body draw out the virus.

Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen
Anti-V Bath Drops

You can consume trail mix with nuts and raisins, just be sure that it is 100% natural and/or organic. A lot of the trail mix on the shelves of stores today are salted, roasted or contain preservatives. It's best to ensure that you're eating a product that is within the diet of the cleanse.

You can consume organically natural hemp protein while on the cleanses, however we prefer to let the herbs work on it's own. A lot of people feel like they need an additional amount of protein while on the cleanse, but the best source of protein is within the foods we consume.

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

Try our Colon & Digestive Tract formula (Dherbs) or he can drink Ginger or Peppermint Tea!

Colon & Digestive Tract

First off, all your diet must change! Eat less meat, dairy and more fruits and vegetables. Product-wise, take our Cardiovascular formula, Jackrabbit formula, Circulation Aid formula, and Male Hormonal Formula. Read our articles too, i.e. "High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)" article. They are free!

Circulation Aid
Male Hormonal Formula

Not really a good thing to consume but it's better than white table sugar if you feel you must consume sugar. Please read "Save Yourself By Using These Natural Sugar Alternatives".

I recommend for her to take: Brain Booster capsules (2-3 capsules two times per day), Brain Booster Tea (1-2 cups daily), Central Nervous System formula, Oxy-Drops (20 drops per glass of water), Sixth Chakra (follow instructions on bottle). All products are available from our website! Thank you for your interest!

Brain Booster
Central Nervous System
Brain Booster Tea

Yes, you can consume the Kidney, Bladder and Adrenals formula while pregnant. Most herbs are okay to consume while pregnant, but it's always best to be certain as herbs can be very potent.

Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals

NO! Please read our "Frequently Asked Questions"! It's pretty good!

You have free will and can do as you like, Beloved. We recommend all raw (and unprocessed) so if you really want to eat the almond milk and cereal, it's your choice! 35% FGHP should only be used for enema purposes (half ounce added to the water).

Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen

Green leafy veggies may be combined with fruit-veggies (cucumbers and tomotoes). Fruit-veggies are really fruit. You can always tell because of the seeds. Technically, anything that contains seeds is a fruit! Check our Food Combining Chart.

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