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Read the article "Body Odor" for remedies and recourse.

At some point you will really have to decide to go drugless in helping your son as drugs don't heal anything that God created. That drug he's taking that made him gain 40 pounds sounds like a steroid (which usually adds weight on to the body). I would recommend that the child performs the Children Detox (liquid extracts) to cleanse his body and then begin consuming our teas (i.e. Brain Booster), Khemetian Gold, and Crystal Elixirs to help with his ADD. Our ADD tonic will be out in late November or early December 2008. Why worry about diabetes when he does not have it at present? You are thinking the worst into existence with your thoughts. What you fear will appear! Think positive and thus attract only positive in your life.

Brain Booster Tea

Have you schedule a consultation yet? Drugs won't help you. The root cause is emotional and spiritual. can help you! Please read some of our articles on Depression.

On the surface (not that I believe in these diseases), but YES!!!!! AIDS is sent via vibration but it is the AIDS drugs that kill people.

Not at all! Western medicine doesn't heal any diseases! Please read "Cancer: Causes and Remedies".

I don't recommend alcohol-based extracts, Beloved. For your dental problems, I wrote up 2 articles that are very informative: "I Don't Want To Go To The Dentist But I Have To!" "Beware of Toothpaste and Dental Hygiene Products!".

Beta sitosterol is a phytosterol (plant oil) which can help aid with prostate health. Natural sources of beta sitosterol include foods like pecans, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and avocados. If you consume these natural foods you don't need to standardized forms of beta sitosterol.

Prostate Formula
The Male Cleanse
Prostate Tea

When you remove the uterus, a healing organ that eliminates toxins, the toxins come out other places, i.e. back of the night. Night sweats are the body's way of through off toxins. You need to detox, change your diet, and change your lifestyle. You're experiencing cause and effect. You are suffering because of past actions, i.e. unhealthy habits, poor diet, poor thoughts, etc. Detox your temple by performing the Full Body Cleanse followed by The Female Cleanse. And work on a new diet - a healthy diet!

Full Body Cleanse
The Female Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

We have no tea that specifically addresses High Blood Pressure but the Detox Tea will help you in this situation.

Yes I believe everything can be healed, but healing is not from a product, it is from within (mind-body). Have you read our "Male Pattern Baldness" article? If you haven't, please do so!

You can normalize blood sugar levels by drinking cinnamon, licorice, and Stevia herbal tea (daily). Stay away from synthetic sugars too! Drink plenty of vegetable juice as well!

Sugar Formula

When you have a white coating on the tongue, it denotes the colon is taxed due to poor diet (consuming too many dead foods) and needs to be cleansed. The tongue is a part of the alimentary canal. I would suggest you perform the Full Body Cleanse followed by the 10 Day Colon Cleanser.

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)
10 Day Colon Cleanser

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