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No! No! No! Beloved! There's no allergic reaction to herbs. There's only "Healing Crisis" and LAW OF CURE that unfortunately so many people don't understand despite our explaining this i.e. "Detox Troubleshooting", "Frequently Asked Questions", and article entitled "Healing Crisis" which we are also finding out that people are not reading, so when they do experience healing crisis or the law of cure the first place they run to is the doctor, the #1 poisoners on the planet. Before I go any further, what were you rushed to the hospital for? What were your symptoms?

Beloved, start THINKING "Full Body Cleanse" for EVERY EVERY EVERY disease! When people are sick or have a problem, the first thing that should come to one's mind is Full Body Cleanse (FBC) because this cleanse is for EVERYTHING including kidney infection. I would recommend FBC and have her drink Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals Tea while detoxing!

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)
Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals Tea

CoQ10 is made by man! I don't take this substance.

Your husband needs to first detoxify his body (Full Body Cleanse) and while detoxing he should take a few of the Crystal Elixirs (i.e. #6 and #7). After his Detox, he needs to take daily Nerve Formula and drink Nerve-Calming Tea. Prayer is good but actions are better. Get that man involved in activities such as yoga, meditation, etc. Have him Detox his body. Look for an energy healer in your area. What zodiac sign is your husband? Aries, Gemini, and Virgo are naturally prone to nerves problems.

Full Body Cleanse
Nerve Formula
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)
Nerve-Calming Tea

About 13 years ago a lump formed in my breast after my 4th child was born. For years it's just been there. In 2005, after a mammogram they found calcification in my breast. They did a biopsy and it came back fine. Six months later they decided that they wanted to remove the lump and when they did they found a small tumor. Since then I've taken herbs and God completely healed me. Well after another six months the lump came back but I didn't want any more surgery so I looked up poultice in my "Back to Eden" book and found a poultice that I used. I mixed flax seed meal, yellow corn meal, and funnel greek tea together and left the poultice on my breast overnight for three nights. My breast began to get sensitive so I stopped using it. About a week later I noticed that the ducted around my nipple was indented, soon after that my nipple itself went inward, then after that I noticed what I thought was another lump in my breast but over a short period of time the lump extended from my armpit to my nipple. Now that whole area is hard and red. I got an ultrasound done and it revealed that I have swelling and cystic form in my breast. They want to do a biopsy but I am against it from what happened last time. Now I have pain in my arm also and at night I can barely sleep. I am at my wits end and don't know what to do except maybe go ahead and let me cut my breast. I have started your Detox program and I know it's working on my body but I don't want if it's doing anything for my swollen tissue inside my breast. I have lost my concentration because I'm constantly reminded about my breast because of the pain. I am a full time student but I'm thinking about dropping out of my classes until this issue is resolved because I can't focus on anything but the pain right now. I went a different doctor on 10/27/08 and they did a CVC (whatever that is) looking for an infection inside my body. The test came back normal, but my scheduled ultrasound is not for another week and I've told them that I'm in pain and need something done now. But they said that's the first available time.

It appears the pain is just too unbearable for you and as such you may have to give in to the surgery in order to get immediate but short term relief. I had a friend who experienced what you experienced and the pain was so unbearable she couldn't sleep. I felt for her and I feel for you. I think you must do what is necessary for elimination or reduction of pain first and foremost. The Full Body Cleanse (FBC) is helping your swollen tissues, but it seems you mind is so distracted that you are in doubt mode and doubt is the subconscious will to fail. If you know you can't do what you need to do (naturally) to deal with this situation, do what you must for present day relief. You have free will here, Beloved! Please use Female Breast Oil and Drink Female Health Tea during your FBC.

Full Body Cleanse
Female Breast Oil
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)
Female Health Tea

I suggest you look into performing our Uterus Cleanse, a 20-day program and afterwards take certain products, i.e. Fibriod Buster Formula, Menstrual Cycle Formula, and Female Health Tea as maintenance. Please read our articles on "Fibroid Tumors". Good information!

Menstrual Cycle Formula
Female Health Tea
Uterus Cleanse

You may be referring to the 10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen and if so it is behind schedule and will be released in early November 2008.

10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen

Yes, it is okay to consume the elixir formula's while detoxing. It provides an additional benefit to getting your body into a healthier state. We always recommend allowing 1-2 hours to pass before taking additional supplements.

Oxy-Oil (8 oz)
Oxy-Oil (4 oz)

ADD is not passed on to children. Many times we are born with diseases that result from past previous life activity. The diseases usually develop or manifest as we grow older.

Read the article "Body Odor" for remedies and recourse.

At some point you will really have to decide to go drugless in helping your son as drugs don't heal anything that God created. That drug he's taking that made him gain 40 pounds sounds like a steroid (which usually adds weight on to the body). I would recommend that the child performs the Children Detox (liquid extracts) to cleanse his body and then begin consuming our teas (i.e. Brain Booster), Khemetian Gold, and Crystal Elixirs to help with his ADD. Our ADD tonic will be out in late November or early December 2008. Why worry about diabetes when he does not have it at present? You are thinking the worst into existence with your thoughts. What you fear will appear! Think positive and thus attract only positive in your life.

Brain Booster Tea

Have you schedule a consultation yet? Drugs won't help you. The root cause is emotional and spiritual. can help you! Please read some of our articles on Depression.

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