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It depends on what you eat more so than this formula. Just watch what you eat. The formula is just a maintenance formula.

The liquid cleanse is great to for your respiratory system because it includes a formula that specifically helps cleanse the lungs. The Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen is more specific to help conditioning the respiratory system. It doesn't come in liquid form, but there's always the liquid Respiratory Aid.

Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen

Please purchase our "Alternative Health Directory" e-book which lists a plethora of vegan and raw foods resources (books, magazines, lists, etc.). It's just what you're looking for.

Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual (EBook)

Change of diet, lifestyle, thought process and attitude is the true remedy for all disease! For spinal arthritis Full Body Cleanse Cleanse (performed 3-4 times per year).

Full Body Cleanse

Yes! Please read our article entitled "Calculi: Kidney, Bladder, and Gall Stones" in our articles section. We cover this condition in detail in this particular article.

Organic salad dressing is a healthy alternative, but because they're bottled they usually contain preservatives to sustain their condition on store shelves. We recommend sticking to raw and fresh ingredients like using extra virgin olive oil as a base for homemade dressings. Adding apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, sea salts and other spices are common ingredients for homemade dressings.

Unfortunately you cannot use either milk for a smoothie as you are not allowed to consume any dairy. Soy is not a natural food and most store brought almond milk is pasteurized and contains preservatives that helps maintain shelf life. You can consume almond milk if it's homemade. We do have a raw homemade almond milk recipe available on our website.

Read the articles "Hair Problems" and "Skin Disorder = Blood Disorder".

Yes the Weight Release helps you to maintain reduced weight! We don't recommend the use of herbs with drugs/medication (poisons). Herbs cancel out poisons!

Weight Release Formula

Yes, try our Bowel Motion, Fluid Formula, and Weight Release Formula and Weight Release Tea!

Bowel Motion
Weight Release Formula
Weight Release Tea
Fluid Formula

One bottle won't do anything! It's an on-going process! There are no adverse side effects! Herbs are not drugs, Beloved; and how long will it take? YOUR body is the answer to this - just be patient and do your part in your healing!

Charcoal filters can be beneficial to filtering your water however they don't always eliminate all the fluoride and other things in water. Filters always help to improve tap water, but choosing which one is more beneficial is best.

None! Just give the body what it needs and it will make its own!

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