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Yes the Weight Release helps you to maintain reduced weight! We don't recommend the use of herbs with drugs/medication (poisons). Herbs cancel out poisons!

Weight Release Formula

Yes, try our Bowel Motion, Fluid Formula, and Weight Release Formula and Weight Release Tea!

Bowel Motion
Weight Release Formula
Weight Release Tea
Fluid Formula

One bottle won't do anything! It's an on-going process! There are no adverse side effects! Herbs are not drugs, Beloved; and how long will it take? YOUR body is the answer to this - just be patient and do your part in your healing!

Charcoal filters can be beneficial to filtering your water however they don't always eliminate all the fluoride and other things in water. Filters always help to improve tap water, but choosing which one is more beneficial is best.

None! Just give the body what it needs and it will make its own!

Precancerous cells? LOL!!! This is a fraud to scare people (women) and it works too! Pre cancerous cells means PRE = BEFORE, cancerous cells. Precancerous cells are normal cells and thus there's no need to worry. This is just an excuse to incite fear in you and have you allow them to put you on drugs and/or perform surgery. If the Full Body Cleanse (FBC) is too much for you, order 6 bottles of Electric Greens Combo and take 5 capsules every 2-3 hours for 20-days following the food/dietary regimen of the FBC! Just keep doing what you're doing!

Full Body Cleanse
Electric Greens Combo

Perform the Full Body Cleanse and externally apply our Face and Body Oilafter perform the Sea salt Soak (see article "Sea Salt Soak"in our articles section). Within 7-10 days please look for our new article "Skin Disorder = Blood Disorder" in the articles section and it will really give you insight, so much so that I am unable to divulge everything here in Ask the Herbalist. But please stay tuned to! You can heal, Beloved, and we are here to assist you.

Full Body Cleanse
Face and Body Oil (8 oz)
Face and Body Oil (4 oz)

Try our Calcium Formula! It's on our site. You can do a SEARCH for things on our site. Spend some time navigating the site, Beloved! Peruse the on-line store (all herbal compounds).

Context was missing in the Q&A segment. Though people really want quick results, I'd suggest folks give their healing 1 year because the mind/belief thing is key here. But it's your choice. Serious people get their desired results by getting checked one day after finishing both of the kits. Basically, it's your choice!

Unfortunately, store brought almond milk is not allowed within the raw food diet. The only way of knowing that the milk is raw, natural, not pasteurized and does not contain any preservatives is if it's homemade. We do have a raw homemade almond milk recipe available on our website. You must avoid all dairy while on both cleanses.

Full Body Cleanse
Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen

It really doesn't matter! A good unit will cost a little over a hundred dollars.

Read the "Thyroid Gland" article. Good formulas to take include Thyroid Aid formula, Iodine Phosphate, and Electric Greens Combo.

Electric Greens Combo
Thyroid Aid

This means that your body focused on another area that was of more importance than weight release. Your mind wanted weight reduction but your body intelligence focused on something else. Go with the flow of the body intelligence and trust it. You apparently have an energetic block that prevents you from physically releasing weight (since you've tried other programs). Consider scheduling a consultation so we can get at the energetic/emotional root of your problem. Simply stop worrying about "losing" weight. Focus on what you desire (to see yourself in the size you desire). Don't focus on what you don't want (i.e. to lose weight).

Have him first perform the Full Body Cleanse followed by the 10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen. The cleanses and a raw foods diet full of vegetable juice will greatly assist him. You might even want to schedule a consultation in this matter, Also, read our "CANCER: Causes and Remedies" article too as it is full of sound information.

Full Body Cleanse
10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen

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