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I can't and won't spend a lot of time in this response because it's so common and too much information on it already exists on the site (i.e. Detox Troubleshooting, article "Healing Crisis", "Is This Normal?) 1. Please read the article "Healing Crisis". 2. Please read the article "Is This Normal?" 3. Please read "Detox Troubleshooting" ("Twitching"). 4. Please read FAQ ("Frequently Asked Questions") near bottom of the page (which explains that there are no refunds for healing crisis symptoms). Healing crisis is POSITIVE and is a sign much needed healing and cleansing is taking place. Clearly you have damaged nerves that really needed addressing and it's taking place but your fear predicated upon ignorance is stopping the process. You experience healing crisis and panic and want to stop the healing and desire a refund. We don't refund for misunderstandings, fear, social programming, etc. Healing crisis don't last forever! Many people experience healing crisis but still stick with the program. Read some of the testimonials on the site.

Did you read the "Why Conventional Deodorants And Antiperspirants Stink" article? "Also beware of crystal stick deodorants. If the brand only contains mineral salts (i.e. 'Naturally Fresh' brand), you can take a chance. But just make sure "aluminum" is not an ingredient in any crystal deodorant you purchase. And because manufacturers are sneaky and tricky and only care about profits, make sure the crystal deodorant doesn't list "alum" as an ingredient. Alum is short for "aluminum", as in ALUM-inum (Alum + inum)."

We're not familiar with the product. Natural supplements however are best. We recommend taking hair vitamins and eating foods that promote hair health. Please read "Hair Problems".

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