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Both! The body is always healing itself and many times it feels uncomfortable to us. Please read "7 Natural Remedies To Help Get Rid Of Warts", "Warts".

Maple Syrup (Grade B), Stevia (herb), Agave Nector. Please read "The Best Sweeteners To Have On The Keto Diet".

Sickle cell is of dire importance. Give the baby Vitamin C Extract in water (in a baby bottle). Alternate between Vitamin C and Children's Blood Formula. Add 2 dropperfuls to baby bottle. Purchase Oxy-Drops and add 10 drops to baby bottle containing water. You can add the 10 drops of Oxy-Drops to the Vitamin C and Blood Extract. Give Vitamin C in the morning and Blood extract in the evening time. Please read our articles on "The Metaphysics Of Sickle Cell Crisis And Malaria" and "Sickle Cell"" in our articles section. Sickle cell is of grave importance.

We sell herbs (powdered plants) not standardized compounds (beta sitosterol). We don't advertise constituents of plants, just the plants, i.e. saw palmetto berries, pygeum bark, etc. The constituents are intact in the plant. We don't follow the corporate drug lead!

Please learn what RAW means as in RAW FOODS, Beloved! Read the article "What is: Raw Foods?"? This way you'll know what you can eat and what you cannot eat on the FBC!

Perform the Full Body Cleanse followed by the 10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen (which you can perform consecutively). You must completely alter your diet: meat, dairy, eggs, etc. Must be eliminated for enhanced healing!

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)
10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen

However, you're going to have to eat excessively to gain weight, Beloved. Nature does not really support us gaining weight outside of our natural weights despite us having the free will to enhance of physiques.

It sure will. Extracts work faster than capsules because they are liquid and enter the bloodstream from under the tongue. Capsules are more potent and stay in the body longer as they break down in the stomach. However, both are effective. Please read "How To Take Herbs".

The flu is a fraud! Stop worrying before you worry yourself into the flu! "What you fear will appear!" Herbally, drink our Rainforest Tonic and Immune Tea daily. You can also take our Vitamin C formula and Echinacea And Goldenseal Extract!

Vitamin C
Immune Tea

You're experiencing HEALING CRISIS or THE LAW OF CURE. Read our "Detox Troubleshooting" Guide as well as the article "Healing Crisis". Nothing to worry about! The body uses the skin (largest organ of elimination) for cleansing!

Please read our article on "Throat Problems" in our articles category. Thank you!

You should do the salt water gargle as well as the Fenugreek tea but the problem stems from diet (especially refined grains). Go more fruits and vegetables in his diet! Make sure he chews his food well too! Give all of this a try!

The surgery is unnecessary. My wife experienced uterine prolapsed after our last child 4 months ago and she is 100% healed today. In her case she pushed too hard and that caused the organs to prolapsed. She did undergo surgery. She took herbs (Dherbs Female Health Tea, Menstrual Cycle Formula, and Yoni Cleanser), did her "Sea Salt Soaks" (see our article by this title), kegel exercises, and anti-gravity exercises. You can do the same, Beloved!

Menstrual Cycle Formula
Yoni Cleanser
Female Health Tea

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