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Reviews: Alkaline Formula

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  • Alkaline Formula

    I'm taking the Alkaline Formula along with the Yoni Cleanser due to recurring bacterial vaginal infections. After taking these products I've not had any infections which allows me to lead a normal life. I'm so grateful for this herbal regimen!!! *
  • Alkaline Formula

    I had to find an alternative to balance my pH level. I was using other Dherbs products and decided to research what was suggested. I tried the combination of bowel motion and alkaline formula. I completely changed to just these products. I have been great for almost 2 years now. Nor have I had any reoccurrence. I will highly recommend alkaline formula to anyone who has problems maintaining a healthy pH levels *
  • Alkaline Formula

    Like this product, it meets expectations. Thank you. *
  • Alkaline Formula

    I have had problems with bacteria and this product has given me a good ph balance. *
  • Alkaline Formula

    I have been taking the alkaline formula since I first did the 20 day cleanse. I was taking a doctor prescribed medication for heartburn and was putting on weight (a common side effect of these types of meds) and that was the primary reason for doing the cleanse. Feb 2017 I did the 20 day cleanse. I then did the maintenance program and still continue to do it. I have not returned to taking prescription meds for heartburn. Every morning I take the Alkaline Formula and remain heartburn free. *
  • Alkaline Formula

    The Alkaline formula helped boost my energy through out the day. I highly recommend this formula if you have an active lifestyle so that your energy will be there when you need it. *
  • Alkaline Formula

    Thank you for creating this herb it helps me feel better. *
  • Alkaline Formula

    My ph level was still unbalanced but I do believe the product works, I used multiple products from dherbs with success. I just may need to try this product again I’m sure at that time the the stars will be 5⭐️ *
8 results

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Alkaline Formula 5 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. 8 user reviews.
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