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Reviews: Electric Greens Combo

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  • Electric Greens Combo

    I have been taking the Electric Greens Cell Food for a couple of months now as my daily multivitmain. I have noticed an increase in energy and total well-being. It had also helped to nourish my body (cells) in a great way and I do not have cravings for certain foods that I know I do not need. I recommend this product without a doubt! *
  • Electric Greens Combo

    I felt that my daily intake of leafy green vegetables wasn't enough and started using this product and feel the difference with a much higher energy level. *
  • Electric Greens Combo

    This product takes us back to what God wants us to eat green healty food for our cells. Simply the best. If only the hospital had the change to give this to patients we all would be living longer. This product gives you energy and a boost of life you feel like you did when you a young adult no pain but all gain. Thanks what a product. Annette Jordan-Wells *
  • Electric Greens Combo

    I am so glad there is a product like this that helps you get the amount of greens you wouldn't normally get in ur everyday eating habits. Thanks Dherbs *
  • Electric Greens Combo

    The "Electric Greens Cell Food" is awesome. I have more energy and I know if I am not eating enough of my variety of veggies, this herbal product does the trick for my body. It has all the requirements a body needs as far as the green foods. *
  • Electric Greens Combo

    My husband and I have been taking Electric Green Cell Food for two weeks and have noticed an amazing difference. I have more energy and I am more regular. I'm glad to use this product because it's really hard to eat all the veggies needed in a days' time. *
  • Electric Greens Combo

    I personally just used The Electric Greens Cell Food formula and it is an excellent supplement for all cells of the body. Each herb in this formula does work and provides the body the nutrients it needs for well-being that the cells need by way of its vitamin and mineral energy source from nature; I am ordering the Electric Greens Cell again! *
  • Electric Greens Combo

    I feel truly fortunate that DHerbs was recommended to me when it was. Thanks so much for all you do to offer the public a holistic and healthy approach!!! *
  • Electric Greens Combo

    I struggled for years to get my iron levels up to "normal range". Shortly after beginning the Electric Green Combo, I feel awesome. I have used several products for myself and children from Dherbs, they are all truly a blessing!!! *
43 results

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