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Reviews: Facial Skin Kit

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  • Facial Skin Kit

    I have used many, many products and medications in the past years for my skin and none have been successful in healing or clearing my skin. I have been using Dherbs Facial Skin Kit for about three weeks now and have noticed a huge change in my skin. My skin tone is becoming very even and breakouts are clearing quickly. My skin looks 90 percent better in such a short time. It seemed like a process to do but it is actually easy once you get in the routine of steaming. You can feel the healing effects of the clay mask when applied. At first I thought putting all that oil on my face was going to make me greasy and breakout, but it's just the opposite. The oils are definately HEALING! My skin is balanced and refreshed! I so love the face soap and wish it was sold seperately. Once again thank you for helping me heal from the inside out! *
  • Facial Skin Kit

    The Facial Skin Kit is great. It really helped clear up my skin. I wish they sold the mask separately, I would keep it in stock. Dherbs is awesome! *
  • Facial Skin Kit

    The facial skin kit is awesome! I used it and saw instant results of smooth, clear, supple, glowing skin! I love it because it's all natural and that is hard to find these days. Anyone seeking clear, beautiful, youthful, glowing skin should make the Facial Skin Kit a part of their daily regimen. *
  • Facial Skin Kit

    The Facial Skin Kit is incredible! I used it while i was doing the Full Body Cleanse and I was glowing like a light bulb. Everyone kept asking me what was I using. I still have some left and I definitely use it everyday. ALL of my dark spots on my face have faded away. I wish they sold some of the items separately. Thanks again for the healing! *
  • Facial Skin Kit

    I love the facial skin kit. I love the soap and the oils are wonderful. My skin looks and feels amazing. The products also go a long way. *
  • Facial Skin Kit

    I l-o-v-e this Facial Skin Kit. I used this kit whilst performing my Full Body Detox. I looked forward to doing the various masks. The toner was gentle on the face, not like other toner(s) I've used in the past. I've used the beauty oil and healing oils prior to the kit being available and loved them both. The facial soap is the best facial cleanser ever. Will definitely purchase again and again. *
  • Facial Skin Kit

    I love your Facial Ski Kit!!! I never thought that it could be so simple and so productive. I enjoy the oils, and the smell is so natural. It's true aromatherapy. I can't wait to put the oils on my face. The results are so obvious! My skin is breathing, and glowing, and I look and feel younger. Thank you for your magic! Blessings! *
  • Facial Skin Kit

    I have been using this product for over a month and I'm noticing huge improvement in my skin; less pimples, clearing of black spots and my face feels really smooth. excellent product. Will write another review/update in a few months to outline my progress. *
  • Facial Skin Kit

    The Facial Skin Kit is AMAZING! I began using it because my face was extremely dry, dull, full of white heads and black marks. I got a facial once a month and my skin would glow for 3 days after the facial then back to dry, dull skin. The Dermatologists recommended a chemical peel but I was worried about the down time. So I decided to give the Facial Skin Kit a try because Shirley Strawberry would always compliment A.D. Dolphin on his skin. This product really works. My skin is now tighter, lighter, hydrated, white heads and black marks are gone and my face is glowing. The black soap is amazing. I 100% recommend the Facial Kit.. I love you Dherbs. *
13 results

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Facial Skin Kit 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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