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Aura cassia brand of essential oils are available at whole Foods Market. You can also find individual essential oils at most good health food stores, i.e. New Frontiers (Arizona), Erewhon (Los
Angeles, CA), Sevenanda (Atlanta, GA), PCC Natural Health Stores (Seattle, WA), Papa Jon's (Long Beach, CA). Essential oils are also sold at "Soothe Your Soul" in Redondo Beach, California
(www.sootheyoursoul), "The Crsytal Matrix" in Los Angeles, CA (www.crystalmatrix.com), and "AromaTherapeutix" in Seal Beach, CA (www.aromatherpeutix.com). Dherbs.com sells essential oil-based
products. Visit On-Line store and go to the "ESSENTIAL OIL BATH DROPS PAGE"
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