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The skin is a manifestation of the blood; so basically, you need to cleanse your blood. Look into our Full Body Cleanse and Oxy-Oil. These will help you. But also, don't forget to address your diet and lifestyle. These will need changing too. Look into more raw foods (fruits and veggies) as they are very healing.

Full Body Cleanse
Oxy-Oil (8 oz)
Oxy-Oil (4 oz)

I would suggest you cut back on the number of capsules you are taking. Take a day or two off from the kit and re-start but only take 2-3 capsules of each formula when you start back up. Diarrhea is a sign of hard stools trapped in the colon and the body is attempting to liquify them. That's all! Fyi: we give people this information in our "Detox Troubleshooting" guide, ""Frequently Asked Questions" section, and the articles "Diarrhea" and "Healing Crisis" all available on our site. Remedies are on our site for people. Hang in there! Don't quit because you are healing! Do not neglect god's temple because of work either! Just cut back on the dosage!

A host of problems - backed up colon (constipation), inflamed organs, certain activity, feeling like your back is against the wall, a feeling of bending over backwards to help everybody, etc.

There's always help, beloved! Of course we can help you. You just need to cleanse and build your reproductive system. I would suggest a thorough cleansing with the Full Body Cleanse followed by The Female Cleanse followed by the Uterus Cleanse. Drink Female Health Tea while performing all these kits. Focus on your desire: to have a baby within the womb! Affirm everyday that you are fertile and can carry a healthy baby to term inside the womb. Think positive! Feel what you desire!

Full Body Cleanse
The Female Cleanse
Female Health Tea
Uterus Cleanse

Raw desserts are not fattening unless you think they are then you will attract what you fear. However, I wouldn't get too caught up on eating a lot of raw desserts (treats) because we should not have treats everyday but on special occasions.

No! But we suggest herbs be used within a one year period.

Have you read the "Detox Troubleshooting" on our home page and looked up "gas" ("flatulence")? Clearly you are experiencing "healing crisis". Did you read this part in your detox booklet? You might want to read the article "Healing Crisis" because you're experiencing healing crisis due to healing. All of this good information is on our site, which you can find under "Frequently Asked Questions", "Detox Troubleshooting", and "Articles" section. Hang in there! Get the understanding you need. If you need additional help, please re-email us but I think the information we already provided will suffice for you.

It's not the herbs, it's your body! You colon is greatly impaired and so it takes time to bust up all that crude matter (hard feces) in your colon. Natural healing requires patience. Just keep taking your herbs and keep eating healthy (no meat, dairy, refined grains, refined starches). Hopefully you changed your diet in addition to taking the herbs. That helps!

I suggest you try Prenatal Laxative, Healthy Pregnancy formula (first 3 months only), and Pre-Natal Formula. Electric Greens Combo is a good product too for pregnancy.

Electric Greens Combo

Cramp bark by itself should not be used during pregnancy. My formulas are compounded with other herbs for particular reasons which lessen their major effects. Plus, the formulas are mixed with specific intent. They are programmed. Other good pre-natal formulas include MSM Sulfur, Vitamin C formula, and Iodine phosphate.

MSM Sulfur
Vitamin C

Of course! Look into our Full Body Cleanse! Also, as a daily maintenance formula when the detox is finished, take the Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals formula and Kidneys extract.

Full Body Cleanse
Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals

Full Body Cleanse is what you need. You need to work on your blood. Please read some of our free health articles to enlighten yourself.

Full Body Cleanse

Before I knew about your herbs, like a year ago I went to check my reading glasses and the doctor told me my eye pressure was on the limit 120, nothing serious he said but,I should check every 3 months, so the nightmare started, this happened in my country Buenos Aires, Argentina. When I came back to Miami where I live I went to check again and of course after all my nerves and fears to lose my sight, my pressure went to 122, 123, and they found a narrow angle, I was desperate, start to go to several doctors looking for opinions, they told me I should have lasik in order to avoid any attack and lose my sight, imagine my desperation, I could not stop thinking negatively, terrible, I did lasik 3 months ago and next months I have to go to control my pressure again, I'm so scare I can't avoid thinking negative thoughts, I also got your Eye Formula already but because I was doing Full Body Cleanse, and now Weight Release Cleanse Regimen, still 2 more weeks, I was told to wait until I finished with the kits, I have pain in my eyes sometimes I know is me who create that, but I can't stop, I don't want to take my eye pressure, because I know they will tell me something else they always find something new, If I knew you a year before I will never do lasik, but now is already done, please I need your advise what can I do to heal my thinking my eyes pain, you are so great, my health have improve so much After Full Body Cleanse, also my daughter she did and now she is doing Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen and me Weight Release Cleanse Regimen, because I believe so much in you, and your herbs you are the only one to help, because I know law of attraction works, I need to stop thinking about my eyes. Please help me, I also got positive thinking drops from your company.

We suggest that you start reading as many of our free articles as possible to enlighten yourself. Make sure you read our Eye Problems article. This article offers good information. Follow the advice in this article to help improve your eyes. Get rid of your fear as it is harmful and cannot help you one bit. Know that everything is okay and will turn out fine. You must believe this if you desire healing. You can heal, keep eating right and keep taking the herbs. With positive thinking and proper diet you will heal yourself. 

You want to eradicate unhealthy acidity. There's a good acid and a bad acid or a healthy acid and unhealthy acid. Unhealthy acid comes from eating dead foods, i.e. Meat, dairy products, etc.

For pregnancy I suggest Pre-natal formula, Electric Greens Combo, Iodine phosphate and Healthy pregnancy (a great formula to help prevent miscarriage).

Electric Greens Combo

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