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You'll get the coupon soon. We are a little backed up at present. is really out there across the nation. Word has spread so fast! By all means perform Full Body Cleanse. You'll greatly benefit from it and you will receive all the assistance your need - guaranteed. Now as far as the menus, they are not on the website. The menu (daily food regimen) comes with the actual kit, but you can always find out what the cleanse' diet is by visiting our "Frequently Asked Questions" page. Thank you for giving a try! You won't regret it!

Full Body Cleanse

For cancer, always begin with the Full Body Cleanse and after the detox have him or her take 5 capsules of Electric Greens Combo every 3 hours per day. The diet should be all raw foods too. Oh yes, the natural pomade is still coming out. We are just backed up right now. Our radio promotions with Russ Parr and Michael Baisden caused to really blow up. It's crazy here!

Full Body Cleanse
Electric Greens Combo

Thank you so much for your e-mail, beloved! Much obliged! Glad to hear Dherbs is helping you on your wonderful journey. Death is never the answer, Beloved. Please read my new article on "SUICIDE", which explains why (if you haven't already). In re: Charka elixirs I would suggest the FOURTH CHAKRA #2 the one for the Heart as compared to "healing." My friend Julie no longer offers the 3-in-1 sessions, which were so beneficial. However, we still offer charka balancing and can do a reading by phone ($55) if you're interested.

Please read our wonderful article by the same title "STROKE" under our articles section.

It would be best to get the dentistry work done and then perform the Full Body Cleanse to wash the toxins out of your body.

Full Body Cleanse

Alum Root is also known as Cranes bill and it is good to stop bleeding.

Sure! I'd recommend: High Blood Pressure: Cardiovascular formula and Circulation Aid formula, High Cholesterol: Cholesterol Formula and Intestinal Cleanser. However, it would be best to first perform the Full Body Cleanse before taking these formulas.

Full Body Cleanse
Cholesterol Formula
Circulation Aid
Intestinal Cleanser

It's good to take as long as it's organic - derived from REAL food sources (like herbs, fruits, vegetables). The B-12 sold in most health food stores is junk!

The ParaWrm Formula is okay for children to consume; however it depends on the age of the child. Adjusting the daily intake is something we might also recommend depending on age again. All of our products are 100% natural plant life herbs, but they can be over powerful at times.

ParaWrm Formula

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Zinc Formula