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We would recommend to incorporate as many of the raw foods you ate during your cleanse into your diet post-cleanse. Try to find a balance with healthy, nutrient-dense foods. A person can cleanse 3-4 times per year to cleanse their bodies of any impurities acquired due to lifestyle and environmental factors.

You can eat cooked food as much as you like. However, try to incorporate as many nutrient-dense raw foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, into your diet to make sure you are receiving an adequate amount of nutrients.

Bad gums denote a need for cleansing the whole body in addition to proper oral hygiene care (brushing with a healthy toothpaste, e.g. Peelu, Nature's Gate, etc.). Think about performing our Full Body Cleanse. 

Full Body Cleanse

For anemia, we recommend you purchase and take Blood and Lymphatic Formula, Iron Formula, and Electric Greens. For Rheumatoid arthritis, we recommend Joint Aid and MSM.

Blood & Lymphatic
Electric Greens Combo
Iron Formula
Joint Aid
MSM Sulfur

Gout comes from having too much uric acid. Foods that are high in uric acid area meats (turkey, bacon, venison...ect.), seafood ( anchovies, sardines, herring, mussels, codfish, scallops, trout and haddock) and alcoholic beverages. You need to cut all of these things out of your diet to see inprovement. Try our Full Body Cleanse. This cleanse will help you change your eating habits by focusing on eating vegetables and fruits. 

Full Body Cleanse

We suggest you apply our Female Breast Oil and Oxy-Oil to the rash. Perform one of the special baths/soaks utilizing sea salt (found in the Full Body Cleanse Companion). Stop using harmful antiperspirants. Use an all-natural deodorant. You may also want to think about performing the Female Cleanse sometime in the near future.

The Female Cleanse
Oxy-Oil (8 oz)
Female Breast Oil
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)
Oxy-Oil (4 oz)

The best thing to do would be to perform the Full Body Cleanse. The Full Body Cleanse can help cleanse, purify, rejuvenate, and strengthen the body. For individual formulas for ringworm, we recommend our Oxy-Oil and ParaWrm Formula. For headaches, make sure you are drinking plenty of water and give our Nerve Formula a try. 

Full Body Cleanse
ParaWrm Formula
Oxy-Oil (8 oz)
Oxy-Oil (4 oz)

We suggest the Intestinal Cleanser, and Activated Charcoal. These products should help normalize your digestive system. Also, choose vegetables that are high in SOLUBLE FIBER, as opposed to many dark, leafy greens that are high in INSOLUBLE FIBER.

Intestinal Cleanser
Activated Charcoal

The Colon Cleanse is a 10-day regimen designed to help heal chronic colon and intestinal complaints and challenges. If needed, you can cleanse up to 4 timer per year.

10 Day Colon Cleanser

Beet juice is a great blood purifier and excellent for supplementary use. But in order to fully eliminate fibroids, you should consider performing the Uterus Cleanse, as it naturally works to strengthen and purify the female reproductive system while helping with the reduction of fibroids.

Uterus Cleanse

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Zinc Formula