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Not really, though individual books cover the subject. Check out "Heal Your Body" by Louise L. Hay. She doesn't really deal with the organs, but she deals with the diseases and if you learn the various diseases of certain organs, you can learn the emotions connected with the organ.

Have you read our article on "Surgery"? The first thing you should do is get your mind right. Consider purchasing and reading our "Mental Science Manual" e-book, which helps get your focus right (to focus on what you desire, but also to be present in the NOW). Think positive, maintain a PMA (positive mental attitude), visualize what you desire, eat healthy (raw foods and vegan foods), etc. Take matters one day at a time! 

You could take the formula of both signs since you are born on the cusp. However, always remember that even though a sign ends on a particular day i.e. August 22, it takes approximately 5 days for the next sign to kick in energy-wise. So, people (Virgo's) born From August 23-27 are still under the influence of Leo, and thus technically, you'd only have to be concerned about Leo. Cusp people are influenced by the traits of the 2 annexing signs.

We'd suggest (if the person is able to perform) a Full Body Cleanse (FBC), followed by a series of 10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen (EGCFC). This cleanse (EGCFC) is very safe to take consecutively. His/her (patient's) body should be inundated with green foods, so as to retard tumor growth. Also, increase oxygen intake, as the tumor may impair circulation in the brain area.

Full Body Cleanse
10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen

I didn't see the video, and would need more information on the person's condition before elaborating. Otherwise I'd be speculating and wasting my time, as I'm in the midst of writing more articles that will be posted to Dherbs later this month. The blood may have been coming from his lacrymal glands which produces our tears.

Dry skin brushing is safe to do while breastfeeding.  It helps promote circulation in the body.  You can do any kind of natural bath soaks including the ginger or Immune Tea.  Unfortunately you can't cleanse while breastfeeding, but there are other ways to detox the body safely.  We suggest that you try the Electric Greens Combo and the Pre-Natal Laxative to naturally and safely detox your body while breast feeding.

Electric Greens Combo
Immune Tea

That decision is ultimately up to you to make. We cannot advise on medical practices, but we do suggest diagnosing problems before using herbal remedies. Being natural doesn't necessarily mean you are completely disconnected from medical practices, it can also simply imply that you only use natural remedies.

You might consider a change of diet and lifestyle, herbal formulas (from Dherbs) of Full Body Cleanse, and Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen. 

Full Body Cleanse
Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen

It's the easiest thing to take care of. Detox the body with the Full Body Cleanse followed by the 10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen. He will drink Hearty Heart Tea during both cleanses. The man has eaten himself into this condition via poor diet so reversed diet is the way out. More raw foods (fruits and vegetable), vegetable juice. 

Full Body Cleanse
10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen

Eating too much frozen food is not a good thing to do. Just don't eat a lot of frozen foods. The best times to eat are in the early morning (light meal), and noon time (heaviest meal of the day), finally a light meal constituting dinner. You can eat three meals a day. The lighter the meals the better.

Look in these formulas: Pancreas Cleanse, Pancreas Formula, and Circulaid. Read our free articles. We have articles on Diabetes and Insulin!

Circulation Aid
Pancreas Formula
Pancreas Cleanse

It could be a hernia! It very well may be. Please read our article "Hernia" on our Home Page and/or in our articles section. 

Are you trying to hide something or protect something. Is there something you are trying not to see in life? Every problem has a metaphysical root. Start here for the soultion! I recommend performing the Full Body Cleanse, after take the Hair-Skin-Nails Formula daily. 

Full Body Cleanse
Hair Skin Nails

Only think positive and know that your can improve your state. I would suggest you begin the Full Body Cleanse. There is help and hope for you, Beloved! Think positive and stay focused. 

Full Body Cleanse

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