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The body vomits in response to eliminate something out of the body. Please try the following: Perform the Full Body Cleanse, and read our Mental Science Manual, while you're detoxing. Drink plenty of water as well. Perform this kit, and then contact me again in 3 weeks. We'll see where you are at, and if you need to do anything else. We'll get to the root of your problem, Beloved!

Full Body Cleanse

Your friend should perform the Full Body Cleanse as soon as possible. Or, in the alternative, she should use Oral Antiseptic Spray for her throat, and take Menstrual Cycle Formula for her period, and Iron Phosphate for her anemia.

Full Body Cleanse
Iron Formula
Menstrual Cycle Formula

Magical Alchemical Elixir, and Children's Detox are highly recommended. Don't forget good diet too. Beware of chemicals (in the foods, beverages, etc.) as they further impair the brain. 

The Boule is a Black secret society that is used by the Rockefellers to keep Black Americans in check. Boule is a Greek word that means advisor to the King. Check out some Steve Cokely materialas Steve is the King of Boule research.

The only thing I can recommend is performing the Full Body Cleanse, and changing your diet. Are you mentally strong willed? If so, use mental science. See the Mental Science Manual. 

Full Body Cleanse

Identify the qualities of the sign of Virgo (service, work, health, hygiene, etc.) and this will show you the areas from a past life that you failed and need to work on in this present life. You may need to serve people, work for free (charity) in helping others, and perhaps in the field of health (i.e. hospital or something). The North Node also means the past life karma - area you need to work on (which is also Virgo; many times the North Node matches the 12th House sign which deals with karma). The 12th House and North Node are usually the same and mean the same - karma! The South Node deals with the things (traits of Pisces) you learned well in the past life. These are strong resources you can use now in this life. Study what Pisces represents and these are the things you mastered in the past life.

Yes, because they've been found to be toxic they pose a threat to your health. Most of them contain mercury which is not a good element to have in your body. We recommend doing your own research before going through with the process.

Try Kegel exercises, perform The Female Cleanse, and also try anti-gravity exercises. Read the "Uterine Prolapse" article!

The Female Cleanse

Check out Clayton College and/or University of Kemetian Sciences.

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