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The only thing I can recommend is performing the Full Body Cleanse, and changing your diet. Are you mentally strong willed? If so, use mental science. See the Mental Science Manual. 

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

Yes, because they've been found to be toxic they pose a threat to your health. Most of them contain mercury which is not a good element to have in your body. We recommend doing your own research before going through with the process. Also read "How To Detox Chemicals After You Go To The Dentist".

Try Kegel exercises, perform The Female Cleanse, and also try anti-gravity exercises. Read the "Uterine Prolapse" article!

The Female Cleanse

Check out Clayton College and/or University of Kemetian Sciences. Check some of our articles tagged Herbology.

You can prepare herbs in powdered form, extract form, or tea form. Some do teach that boiling herbs makes them become poisonous.

We don't advise on other products other than our own. We always advocate for the use of all natural everything. Researching the ingredients in all products consumed is the best way to decide if a supplement is for you.

Oxy-Oil (8 oz)
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