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Only drink water, herbal tea, fruit juice, and vegetable juice.

It means deficient moisture production in the eyes, mouth, and other mucous membranes. First perform the Full Body Cleanse, and then focus on healing your mucous membranes (drink mullein leaf, red raspberry leaf, and marshmallow tea). Drink extra, extra amounts of water. Drink, and swoosh vegetable juice in your mouth before swallowing. A more detailed article is coming soon to our site so please stay tuned! 

Full Body Cleanse

This is mental and psychological, Beloved. You have to use the mind (mental power and will power for help in this situation).

I just stumbled on your website this evening, and after wondering around I have become very impressed!! WOW!! What a great place with awesome knowledge! I was told from a MRI last Aug, that I have a possible inverted papilloma tumor behind my left eye. I went in because my eye was pushed out, and had proptosis. I was also sick with vertigo, and I had found a tumor in my stomach and my leg. I have lost all my family to cancer, and thier western treatments! So hearing OU medical center, the Mayo Clinic etc, tell me I need chemo, radiation, and surgery. I run the other way!! Since last August, I have become my own doctor. I eat whole foods only, no meat! Drink juice, green drinks, and take all kinds of herbs. It's too much to tell! HA! I have had awesome results, tumor in stomach is gone, and now this week leg one is gone too! The one in my frontal sinus cavity seems like it is pretty stubborn, I have spent tons of $$$ searching for a holistic doctor to help, I recently drove 1300 miles, and got the same answer, I guess this is a type of (benign cancer, maybe) that has no research or results in holistic meds. Most places refer me to surgery, then want me to come back and start a protocol. My tumor is in a dangerous place, but I went through the swelling in the beginning when I was detoxing and on apricot seeds. I guess my question is, do you know of anything that may help? I seem to have trouble keeping my pH above even 6.5 or so, I eat mostly alkalizing foods, I think maybe I will order your Candida Buster? I have no allergies anymore, and tons of energy!! Any suggestions you may have will be truly appreciated!

I wouldn't recommend "Candida Buster." I would recommend the Full Body Cleanse, for starters. After the FBC, I would recommend that you take Sinus Formula, and Anti-T Formula. It is really great hearing about all of your successes in healing. Very inspirational. Just keep things moving, staying positive, Beloved! Keep doing your fantastic dietary regimen as well. 

Full Body Cleanse
Sinus Formula
Anti-T Formula

Much appreciated from the heart, Beloved! Thank you for sharing that! I have a few e-books right now, including "The Mental Science Manual," "The Money, Wealth, and Prosperity", "The Love Manual" and a few others. You can find them on the website in the online store under "e-books." They'll all be published in the future into little books. I'm presently working on "Discovering Your Life's Purpose", so as to help people transition into their life's higher purpose. I quote David Wolf in my new article "Beware Hybrid and Genetically Engineered Foods" which will be on the Home Page in about 2 weeks.

Check out the Full Body Cleanse page on the home page. Also, read our "FAQ" and "Q and A". Plenty of answers there! Including the diet part! Just scroll down because there's a lot of information! 

Full Body Cleanse

Your body is talking to you, telling you that after 30 years of polluting your body, it's now time to undo all the damage. You can heal from this situation. Simply perform the Full Body Cleanse, and after you perform the FBC, make sure to change your diet. Visit our DIETARY CHOICE section  and read up on the vegan diet. It sounds like your menses is stating you need to address, and cleanse your female reproductive chamber too. You may want to perform The Female Cleanse some 3 months after performing the Full Body Cleanse.

Full Body Cleanse
The Female Cleanse

Gradually decrease the amount of the drugs you take, or just stop cold turkey. Do what's best for you Beloved! For every drug is a herbal alternative. sell herbal alternatives to drugs. You have nothing to worry about. 

Full Body Cleanse
Substance Cleanse

Dental care is pretty allopathic, and you need to make a choice about the piece of molar in your mouth. Are you willing to deal with your teeth spreading. While my teeth have been fine since 1994, I still live with the damage of my past (I have two teeth that were pulled and have empty space where the molars were - I didn't want plastic or anything synthetic in my mouth). The last time I went to the dentist, he did major damage trying to pull my tooth out. A piece of teeth went through my gums, and slightly protruded through my mouth. It eventually healed, but I learned my lesson. So you have a choice to make, Beloved! Only you can make that decision. You don't want to live with pain though! That's why I got my two teeth pulled - the pain was unbearable! I've been fine ever since due to my vegan and raw foods diet. I know brush my teeth with Natural Tooth Powder and sometimes Activated Charcoal. These help keep the teeth very white and the mouth hygienic. You only oil pull once a day, or if you oil pull more than once, you only do so on an empty stomach. 

Activated Charcoal
Natural Tooth Powder

It may be genetic. Give the baby organic calcium so the teeth can repair from the inside out. However, the child may be genetically predisposed.

That's an unfortunate situation. Have the mother read the information on or schedule a consultation so she can speak with me live and direct. These are the only ways I know to help, Beloved. I'm also about to write an article on DEPRESSION, and the DANGERS OF ANTIDEPRESSANTS. Hang in there and know that your cousin wrote her own life script (before she was born), so she is gaining an experience so as to learn a life lesson for her soul's purpose. It doesn't make sense on a lower level, but on a higher level, it all will add up and make sense. God's hand is over everything, even those things that appear bad.

Patience is required in healing, Beloved! Let nature take her natural course! Also, there may be underlying metaphysical causative factors for the seizures. I would suggest adding Ethereal Bliss with Brain Booster, and she should also drink the Brain Booster Tea along with taking the capsules. These are optional, but I do recommend them, at least to experiment with in hopes of facilitating elimination of the seizures. Have her perform deep breathing exercises on a daily basis too! A raw foods/vegan diet is BEST for her too! Undoubtedly so! Those restaurants are using some very dangerous chemicals. Drive this point home to her! 

Brain Booster
Brain Booster Tea

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The FBC eliminates toxins via the eliminative organs (liver, kidneys, colon, etc.). Herbs in and toxins out!

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