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Yes, you can, but remember that this is a maintenance formula only. I'd suggest you purchase the Mental Science Manual (MSM). The MSM also deals with genital herpes which is a so-called viral infection. If you are financially challenged you can start by changing your diet. Go raw, (eating raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds) for a while until you can afford to completely cleanse your blood. See Below some formulas that help cleanse the blood.  

Anti-V Formula
Blood & Lymphatic
MSM Sulfur

You can eat organic whole grains, but not during any of our cleanses. The grains you listed are pretty nutritious, especially the Ezekiel bread which I myself eat from time to time. Read "Make Healthy Choices With These 7 Low-Carb Grains".

Now that the hysterectomy is performed, and certain damage done (read our article entitled Hysterectomy which should be up soon), focus on herbal aphrodisiacs. I would suggest you perform the Full Body Cleanse, followed by The Female Cleanse, followed by a daily maintenance regimen of Bunny Rabbit, Formula 69 Extract, Jackrabbit Tea , and Female Hormonal . The Mental Science Manual will also be of help because everything is first created, and solved in the mind and you can use your mental power to get what you desire. There is a solution (answer) to your problem, Beloved. Remain positive and optimistic and you shall benefit.

Full Body Cleanse
Female Hormonal
The Female Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)
Jackrabbit Tea
Bunny Rabbit

Dental situations are different from degenerative diseases. You can't take an herb to replace dental work. What exactly did the dentist say? You may not even need the root canal surgery. Read "How To Detox Chemicals After You Go To The Dentist".

Boost your immune system Beloved! Read our "Immune System and Immune Health", and "Swine Flu" article in our articles section. 

I can understand what the dentist said, but why not attempt work on your nerves (Nerve Formula and Tea), drinking Cilantro and Parsley juice, drinking other vegetable juice, and changing your diet? Dap some Clove oil on to the toothache (use a q-tip and rub on tooth and gums). Try everything in your power before you give in to dental surgery, Beloved! Brush your teeth with Natural Tooth Powder and Carbon. Read our 2 dental articles too! Articles: "I Don't Want To Go To The Dentist But I Have To! ", "Halitosis".

Nerve Formula
Activated Charcoal
Nerve-Calming Tea
Natural Tooth Powder

Don't know! Every Body is different. It's not a common complaint.

Uterus Formula

Whenever you are cleansing, whether it is with the Uterus Cleanse or any other of our cleanses, you will go through a "healing crisis." Please take the time to to read our Healing Crisis article.  

Uterus Formula
Uterus Cleanse

It means deficient moisture production in the eyes, mouth, and other mucous membranes. First perform the Full Body Cleanse, and then focus on healing your mucous membranes (drink mullein leaf, red raspberry leaf, and marshmallow tea). Drink extra, extra amounts of water. Drink, and swoosh vegetable juice in your mouth before swallowing. A more detailed article is coming soon to our site so please stay tuned! 

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)

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