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The phrase "other ingredients" is simply an umbrella term for "additives" and other herbal companies use other ingredients (i.e. magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, silica, rice powder, stearic acid, etc.) in their formulas to simply cut the volume of herbs in their formulas. Other ingredients take up space or room in the capsule or tablet and this allows the company to save money while giving their customers a watered down product. does not utilize standardization in any of its formulas. Standardization is an unnatural process whereby a standardized herb provides uniformity of a single plant chemical. A standardized extract delivers a quantified and measurable level of the targeted active ingredient (major alkaloid) in every serving and in which this active ingredient is considered by science to be the key ingredient responsible for the herbs health benefits. Other herbal company trust man-made science, but trusts in and relies upon Nature. uses absolutely no chemical solvents in the use of its liquid herbal extracts or crystal elixirs. Our extracts are uniquely made via natural agitation (by human hand) and natural sunlight (solar energy) and our elixirs are also made by human hand and exposed to moon and sunlight. It takes us approximately two (2) weeks to produce a liquid extract compound because Nature requires time to produce what she produces. However, other herbal companies are like major fast food restaurants and need a quick supply of products for their standard of convenience and thus use harmful chemical solvents to quickly produce their herbal liquid extracts. At, though convenience is important to us, however, we won't compromise the integrity of our products to help people get a quick fix and to make a quick buck. Patience is a requisite of Nature and is in tune with Nature. will NEVER use chemical solvents in the production of its herbal liquid extracts or crystal elixirs. does not use any additives in any of its formulas. Additives water down the product and take away from the efficacy of a product that utilizes natural compounds. Additives help herbal companies save money by giving the customer less herb per capsule or tablet. does not use binders as we have no need for binders. Many herbal companies use binders to help certain ingredients bind together, but at, we use 100% herbal content and so our ingredients naturally bind together.

Many herbal companies use fillers in their formulas as a way to cut down on giving the customer 100% herbal content. is against this custom. Fillers may help the encapsulation process by making a formula more dense for encapsulation, but fillers have no nutritional content so when you add them to herbal compounds, they take away from the compound. Fillers help the encapsulation company and herbal company, but not the customer. Fillers water down the product! is against this process and custom. uses absolutely no preservatives in any of its products as the only thing that needs to be preserved are "dead" things and herbs are not dead, but living (living foods), therefore that which is alive does not need to be preserved so does not and will not use preservatives in any of its formulas. does not use tablets because tablets require the mixing of too many additives in order to make the tablet stick together or bind and come out a certain way, i.e. dense, smooth surface, etc. Capsules allow us at to give our customers 100% pure herbal ingredients held together in a 100% digestible vegetarian capsule for maximum absorbency in the body. only uses vegetarian (vegan) capsules made from 100% plant fiber as has a policy to not use animal or animal byproduct ingredients in the manufacturing of its products. Gelatin capsules are derived from animals (mostly pig) and are thus not vegan or even halal or kosher. Also, gelatin capsules do not fully dissolve in the stomach like vegetarian capsules. Most herbal companies use gelatin capsules because they are cheap, costing 2-3 times less than vegetarian capsules. does not let high prices or expenses stand in our way of bringing people the Best, the Safest, and the Soundest! is people first!

Circulation Aid formula (3 capsules 2-3 times per day).

Circulation Aid

Please read the "Gout" article. First, perform the Full Body Cleanse. While detoxing, take Black Cherry Concentrate (in a glass of water once daily). After detoxing; take 3 Electric Greens Combo capsules 2-3 times per day.

Full Body Cleanse
Electric Greens Combo

You might want to perform the Full Body Cleanse because hemorrhoids denote constipation, Beloved! Time to work on your colon! Hemorrhoids are just a symptom!

Full Body Cleanse

Yes you are. But always make sure to read the laber. Some seasoning contain perservatives, you want to stay away from that.

Perform the Full Body Cleanse immediately (in addition to using the Mood Up-Lifter Inspirant (inhaler).

Full Body Cleanse
Happy Inhaler
Feel Good Inhaler

It wasn't the Jackrabbit formula, Sir! It was your state of health, medication, diet, etc. Herbs are programmed to work so if you get no results, CHECK your health, diet, and lifestyle. You need to detox and find an alternative to that harmful and toxic drugs and medications! You sound like you have a serious circulation problem and diabetes greatly impairs circulation. It's deeper than Jackrabbit formula not working. Something in your body is not working, like your circulation. Time to address the real problem, Beloved!

Personally I wouldn't relax my hair at all, but for a woman, 3 times a year wouldn't be so bad.

The discharge along with the menstrual cycle is CLEANSING. That's all! Any discharge is the body's way of eliminating what should not be in the body. Read some of our health articles, i.e. "Myth Of Menstruation" and "Vaginal Odors and Discharges". There are located under "Articles" on our site! She has nothing to worry about! She only needs insight and understanding.

Bunny Rabbit is a sexual stimulant, an aphrodisiac and will help with vaginal wetness and arousal. Formula 69 extract is a sexual stimulant as well, but not as strong as Bunny Rabbit. But it works well with Bunny Rabbit. Yoni Cleanser, repairs the uterus. It is more a formula for the uterus.

Yoni Cleanser
Bunny Rabbit

Modify your diet (meat and dairy) first and foremost! Herbally, order Circulation Aid formula and Cardiovascular formula.

Circulation Aid

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