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Wow, Beloved! I'll tell you what caused all that mucus: the soy-based infant formula which is crap!!!! Plus, those baby foods. Gerber's is CRAP!!!!! You must undo the damage you unintentionally done via ignorance. Please read our article on "Alternative Infant Formula Milk" and learn to make alternative formulas for your baby. You must also start making your own baby food. You must do these things to reverse the serious harm you've done to your baby. All wrong can be righted by doing the right thing. I would highly, highly, highly recommend you schedule a 1-hour health consultation (only $100) a.s.a.p. There's just so much that needs to be explained to you so that child can make a speedy recovery. Time here won't allow it, so a consultation is best!

In place of vegetables try taking 6 capsules of our Electric Greens Combo formula. For sciatica, try our Nerve Formula (also get massage and see a chiropractic). For low blood pressure, take Cardiovascular formula. For change in appetite, just go with the flow. Trust your body's natural inclination to change. You'll be fine. If you feel it's necessary, please schedule a consultation.

Electric Greens Combo
Nerve Formula

Wow! Drugs/medication just really messes people up! These things can't heal you because your body is not made up of drugs. When people learn this they'll be better off. If the person is going to still take drugs while taking herbs it defeats the whole purpose. On the other hand if the person goes all herbal, all the person has to do is perform the Full Body Cleanse which help the kidneys to cleanse and repair and the entire balance should come into balance.

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)

Yes, there is such a diet and the herbivores in the wild are proof of it. Just eat raw foods and you'll be fine. Drink plenty of Gotu Kola tea daily and this will help expand the IQ. Our Brain Booster Formula is very ideal for this.

Brain Booster

I'd recommend the Children Detox (liquid extracts) followed by a daily regimen of Children Lung Extract and Mucus Tea (1-2 cups daily) and use of our Breathe Easy Inhaler. And you know the diet MUST change, right? Asthma deals with mucus and mucus is diet-related. The solution is not exclusively taking some herb, but to make changes to the lifestyle and diet.

Breathe Easy Inhaler
Mucus Tea

The Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen will help your Epstein - Barr virus as all herbs are beneficial. As far as milk containing cow snot, read our article "Dangerous Dairy" located in our articles section.

Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen

You take 7 capsules a day. After you take 7 capsules per day for 7 weeks straight, you can engage in unprotected sex as the herbs will have contraceptive effects after 7 weeks. It takes 7 weeks for the contraceptive effects to take place.

Woman's Choice

Try our Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals (6 capsules two times per day). Our health consultations are only $50 if you're interested.

Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals

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