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Honestly I would recommend the person see a chiropractor. Herbal-wise I'd recommend the person detox their body (Full Body Cleanse) and begin to reprogram their spine via thoughts/visualization/mental science. I have a new article on 'Back Problems' coming soon!

Full Body Cleanse

It is good you are skeptical about drugs because they don't heal you, only harm you. I would recommend that you consider detoxifying your body (Full Body Cleanse), and if not, then I would suggest you take Nerve Formula and Nerve-Calming Tea and use the Happy Inhaler.

Full Body Cleanse
Nerve Formula
Happy Inhaler
Nerve-Calming Tea

We don't recommend eating animal flesh during the Full Body Cleanse. For your children, you may have to incorporate vegan meat alternatives for their school lunch while Detoxing otherwise it may be very difficult for them.

Full Body Cleanse

Beloved, where thought goes energy flows. You need to work on controlling your concentration. If not, what you fear will appear. This is law! Herbs will take time to heal just as it took time for the problem to develop and eventually manifest. Patience is required for Nature to do her thing. The herbs will help but true healing is within the mind.

You can get rid of tumors by constantly Detoxing (every 3-4 months) and radically changing (improving) your diet: vegan and raw foods diet.

You have to learn to deal with your stress and stop reacting to it. Your subconscious mind is greatly blocked and therefore you have to realize your healing will come very slow. At a deep level you still believe herpes is incurable and your body is giving you this (despite the healing crisis of outbreaks on the hand). Your dietary deviation is understandable and not that bad but if you are tiring of salads opt for other things to eat. We list a few raw foods alternative recipes in our Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual (EBook) available for download. Check it out!

Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual (EBook)

Eat more raw foods (preferably vegetables which are alkaline). The Cardiovascular formula would be ideal to take before or after eating your meals.


Black Seed won't cure herpes. It can only help to heal but it won't heal the disease. Please read our article on herpes "Genital Herpes"!

Please read our article "Allergies" on our site in the articles section.

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a condition that's related issues within the blood and similar to acne. We recommend starting off with the Full Body Cleanse followed by the 10 Day Blood Cleanse. The Full Body Cleanse will help detox your body into a healthier state while the blood cleanse will better address the issue. Doing the 10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen might also be necessary to help balance the pH levels out.

Full Body Cleanse
10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen
10 Day Blood Cleanse

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