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I don't know! It depends on you! The herbs work but will your mind work? If you think negative it doesn't matter what you are consuming or doing. Your mind has to be in the right shape. Diet also helps but the mental state is far more important. Read the article "Think Yourself Healthy" for more insight into this.

Try our Nerve Formula, Nerve-Calming Tea, MSM Sulfur, and Central Nervous System formula. Please read the "Fibromyalgia" article.

Central Nervous System
MSM Sulfur
Nerve Formula
Nerve-Calming Tea

Don't mistake the "Healing Crisis" as an adverse effect! Herbs have no adverse side effects.

YOUR perception is not MY reality, Love. I am doing me and you do you. Tell you what: you do what I am failing to do or what you feel I am failing to do. This would be more appropriate. Pick up the ball where you deem it dropped. Talk is cheap and actions speak. I have done the actions and am doing them (read the reviews and testimonies on It speaks for itself. My new smoking article will reflect where I am presently, but it will still blast the ignorant cigarette smokers. One can't just blame government and the cigarette industry for the actions of the dumb cigarette smoker. Dumb and weak Americans must also foot partial blame, actually most of it, because they had a choice and there was no gun to their head forcing them to smoke. These people were simply weak and stupid and not to mention unconscious. Period! It doesn't sound nice but it's factual and truthful. I don't sugar coat the truth because sugar is a poison! The first article was written 6-7 years ago and that's why it's so brief. Thank you for visiting the #1 website in all-natural herbal products and raw uncompromising information that people all across the world are eating up and just can't get enough of. Check some more of our articles on "Smoking" and "Quit Smoking".

Smoke-Less Formula
Smoke-Less Inhaler

The most important thing is to read our "Attention-Deficit Disorder" article on our site. I think it will give you an added perspective on this fake disease to medicate light children being born on the planet to help raise the vibration. I don't look at ADD as a disease and thus it doesn't need to be treated. Parents don't need to give these children anything, but just stop giving things such as junk foods (sugar), drugs, soda pop, meat, dairy products, etc. In other words, detox them. Consider the Children Detox (liquid extracts) , at least for starters.

The problem is not the child but the school and the teacher. He's bored as hell. He's not learning anything that stimulates him so his mind wonders off. Boredom is cured by stimulating the mind. We shouldn't drug children for being bored. You could give him the Nerve-Calming Tea (1 cup) before school every morning to naturally calm him down.

Nerve-Calming Tea

OTC minerals don't provide all 102 minerals even in oxide form let alone organic form. We use plants, various plants, considered nutritive in that they contain a FULL spectrum on nutrients. Full spectrum means encompassing all and because you use different herbs, the nutrients one herb lacks the other contains. Also, Dherbs doesn't deal in RDA levels for nutrients, i.e. mg, grams, etc.

Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

The product is STANDARDIZED meaning it has been tampered with. Regular saw palmetto and pygeum do not naturally contain 1000 mg of betasitosterol. They are standardizing it to make it potent to deal with the prostate which they don't want to naturally take care of so they mess with the herbs and make it more potent to deal or treat the prostate gland that they don't want to naturally take care of. It's like products for lactose intolerant. Instead of telling folks to avoid certain things because they are lactose intolerant, they make a drug so that lactose intolerant people can keep on unwisely eating things they shouldn't due to being lactose intolerant. Our formula is NOT standardized, but stabilized and complete, the way you find plants in Nature. It is not necessary to have such a high amount of an alkaloid. Please read "Herbs vs. Pharmaceutical Drugs".

Doesn't matter as long as the ingredients are healthy (not containing meat and dairy, eggs, vinegar, etc.). Purchase our Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook) and/or Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual (EBook)s manual for salad dressings.

Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)
Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual (eBook)

The Female Health Tea is available, but also, check into Female Hormonal and Fecundity for enhancing ovulation.

Female Hormonal
Female Health Tea

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