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  • Female Health Tea

    The Female Health Tea is great for reducing my hot flashes especially during sleeping hours and it taste great with a little honey and lemon juice. I also noticed less mood swings. Highly recommended for women with similar symptoms due to the change of life syndrome. *
  • Female Health Tea

    This Female Health Tea is an excellent product. I noticed a difference the first night, but thought it was just my imagination. Upon taking it the second day, I realized it eliminated my hot flashes & facial sweats. I highly recommend this product. *
  • Female Health Tea

    This tea is great. After drinking this tea my menstrual cycle was more regulated & it only lasted for three days. I also did not experience any premenstrual cramps as I usually do. I would higly recommend this tea. *
  • Female Health Tea

    This tea is fantastic for alleviating hot flashes. I started using it about 3 months ago and noticed a remarkable reduction in the frequency of occurrences in less than 2 weeks. I will admit a break in consumption for about a 3-week period of time, and you guessed it, the hot flashes returned! No more breaks for me! This product works! *
  • Female Health Tea

    I admit I was a little skeptical about this tea thing because I've tried others with no positive results. But I was having such horrible hot flashes I took my co-worker's advice and purchased some. To my surprise, I stopped "flashing" after about a week of drinking this tea. I swear by it. *
  • Female Health Tea

    The tea was not an acquired taste so I added a little honey in it but overall I really enjoyed the product. *
  • Female Health Tea

    I have orderd alot of product, but I was not please with this one!! the tea is not strong at all. *
16 results

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