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Reviews: Headache and Pain Formula

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  • Headache and Pain Formula

    I have taken the Headaches & Pain Formula for about a month, and it is a great product. *
  • Headache and Pain Formula

    I suffered from headaches daily off and on for about a year. I went to my doctor who put me on numerous medications that did not help me. I tried Headache and Pain Formula from Dherbs and they worked tremendously. I no longer suffer from headaches. Your products are wonderful. I will continue to order more products to obtain optimal health from Dherbs. *
  • Headache and Pain Formula

    I love the headache and pain formula! I suffer from headaches and also severe menstrual cramps & this pill works wonders for both! I was apprehensive about using it because I have to take at least 800mg of ibuprofen in order to begin to feel relief and often times that only took the edge off. I'm glad I decided to give these pills a try & I recommend them to everyone! *
  • Headache and Pain Formula

    Decent price, product is good. Will be getting more. *
  • Headache and Pain Formula

    I stumbled on your website while trying to find something to help a freind. We have taken our daughter to the doctor for many hurting areas, wrists, knees, ankles and much more. SHe is a gymnast and always has something hurting but her ankles have been for a couple of years. I thought this couldn't hurt I also purchased this with the Joint formula. She hasn't complained about anything hurting since she has been taking it. W ehave ran out ans are in need of more. *
  • Headache and Pain Formula

    My wife used to suffer with migraine headaches for years, she went to numerous doctors that prescribe all these medications that all they were doing was making her drowsy and weak. See that I said used to because I bought this formula (Headache and Pain Formula) and the tea (Headaches Tea) for her last year. Since she began taking them she hasn't had an headache. *
  • Headache and Pain Formula

    This entire Summer, I was experiencing neck and shoulder pain and I ordered your Headache and Pain Formula as well as MSM Sulfur and I took them mostly all Summer or when needed and I loved them both, It took the pain away and followed by the MSM Sulfur was a double dosage of relief! Thank you Dherbs. *
  • Headache and Pain Formula

    I have been taking the head and pain formula and I have not had to take one advil since. I feel good knowing that I am taking natural herbs for pain. I am scared of synthetic medicine. I am also taking the cerebral vascular formula. *
8 results

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Headache and Pain Formula 5 out of 5 based on 8 ratings. 8 user reviews.
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