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  • Joint Aid Tea

    I recently purchased the Joints Aid Tea for my mother because she has a lot of problems with her legs and knees being very stiff. She called me 2 days later and told me that her legs felt a lot better and that they weren't stiff anymore. I even noticed the next time I saw her that she was walking like normal again. I was very excited to hear this report from her! I'm new to the DHerbs family and I will be purchasing more of this product. Thank you DHerbs for providing us the with knowledge and resources for self healing! *
  • Joint Aid Tea

    I bought the Joints Aid Tea and the Joint Aid Formula and split the contents between my mom and aunt. They both said they felt relief in their joints from pain and stiffness after taking the products. Unfortunately, they love big pharma and have not taken the steps to purchase these items for themselves. :( *
  • Joint Aid Tea

    A few years ago I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knees and so I figured the tea would be worth a shot. I recently visit my doctor for x-ray and my left knee and was told there was some improvement in my knee although I was there for pain cause by extreme workouts. I recently ordered some more but instead of the tea I got the pill form. *
  • Joint Aid Tea

    Joint Aid Tea tasted well with a drop of honey. Only tried once, most likely longer used will benefits. Therefore, will reorder for better benefit. *
  • Joint Aid Tea

    The tea is good, but the packaging was not up to Dherbs standards, I'm sure. I ordered another tea and the packaging was excellent. The joint tea bags had yellow stains all over them. In addition to the yellow powder on the inside of the foil packaging. Dherbs sent me another to replace it, but it also had the same stains. Dherbs needs to pull some of the joint tea and find out what is happening to the packaging of this product. It might be something that can be resolved quickly. *
14 results

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