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Reviews: Lip Butter - Peppermint + Juniper

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  • Lip Butter - Peppermint + Juniper

    Dherbs, loved the lip balm it provided great moisture to my lips. *
  • Lip Butter - Peppermint + Juniper

    I love the natural ingredients in this product. Everything was recognizable unlike other lip balms. The peppermint gives a slight tingly feeling but I love it, wouldn’t have a problem when licking my lips! Lol. I also use this one my niece if her lips are dry. I say it’s safe for all ages! *
  • Lip Butter - Peppermint + Juniper

    The lip butter definitely moisturize my lips throughout the day. It's nice to feel the softness immediately and is great for winter time as well. *
3 results

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Lip Butter - Peppermint + Juniper 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.
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