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Reviews: Uterus Formula

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  • Uterus Formula

    I have taken Uterus Formula after my painstaking search for a product that really works. The synergistic effect of all the herbs created a tremendous positive impact on me. This product have rescued me from surgery. Uterus Formula have surpassed my wildest expectations. Thank you Dherbs. *
  • Uterus Formula

    I've decided to try this Uterus Formula since it stated it'll help with menstrual cycles. I must admit it's a big relief on my cycle this month it suppressed the bleeding a whole lot. I'll definitely buy this product again and I highly recommend this Uterus Formula if your are having menstrual issues due to heavy bleeding. *
  • Uterus Formula

    I have being taking the Uterus Formula along with the Uterus tea and I have noticed a big difference in the size of my tummy, I no longer look pregnant and it is noticeable. I also feel better I no longer feel swollen and my menses is lighter.. I would recommend this to anyone Marcia ***** *
  • Uterus Formula

    These pills helped my menstrual come right on without any pain. Before taking these capsules, I had off track periods and this fixed the problem. *
  • Uterus Formula

    Great product! Thanks for caring about our well-being! God Bless! *
  • Uterus Formula

    I've taken this and the Yoni cleanser together for about 4 months and started to feel results in the first month as far as having a better mood and less cramping.I had an issue with prolonged bleeding and cyst here and there, so I was prescribed Birth control, which I hate, so to avoid having to take that I've used these and LOVE IT. Now I have lighter and shorter periods with NO cramping or mood swings. I've used those as a cleanser to start , so over the past month I've taken the Menstrual Cycle Formula and its still working out great. Thanks DHerbs! *
  • Uterus Formula

    I guess the product is working. I am satisfied with the product. *
  • Uterus Formula

    This is a great product I would recommend to anyone with female problems. *
  • Uterus Formula

    I have been taking this product for 2 months. I have noticed a remarkable difference in my periods. They are nowhere as heavy as before. I'm not sure if the fibroids are actually shrinking but the product is worth taking simple because of the change in my monthly cycle. I will continue to taking the product on a daily basis. Thanks for a wonderful product. *
97 results

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Uterus Formula 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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