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I highly recommend that you first read the article on the website written about the so-called swine flu. Here is a link that you can follow to go directly to read the article. Now, as far as herbal products for boosting your child's immunity, there are a number of options available to you. offers formulas created specifically with children in mind that are available in liquid formula. Too many to list here, as we get hundreds of inquiries at "Ask The Herbalist," so I can only offer a few sentences here. Visit the website, go to online store and go to the tab Children's Extracts and the entire list of our products for children will be available for you to choose which products you would like to purchase for your child. Thank you for your interest in!

I highly recommend that you first read the article on the website written about the so-called swine flu. Here is a link below that you can follow to go directly to read the article. "Vitamin D", is a term for the collective group of fat-soluble prohormones which includes that of D3. There has been research stating that Vitamin D serves as an important regulator of immune system responses. That being said, I also recommend that you check out the following all natural, plant-based formulas that you can purchase from, Vitamin D Formula, Immune Support, and Vitamin C formula. These can all be beneficial to building a strong immune system so as to be proactive in your maintaining your health!

Immune Formula
Vitamin C
Vitamin D

I highly recommend that you read the article on the website related to heart health. It has vast information and lists many products that we carry here at Dherbs for you to use to assist in regaining a healthy heart and in turn, better overall health. I have put a link to the article "Heart Problems". Thank you Beloved, for your interest in

You stated that are having issues with your cardio and liver (ie.,Hep A) functions along with some other things that are causing you to have pains in your legs. The issues that you are currently dealing with in your physical body can best be addressed by doing a Full Body Cleanse. I highly recommend this cleanse for people who are suffering from multiple sources of degeneration of the body. This is a complete cleanse for your body as a whole and will jump start you on a path to regaining your health. Let me also say, that pains in the body are signals that things are not well on a deeper level. And you must listen to your body and give it some relief from the things that you were doing to bring it to pain in the first place. Changes are necessary if your are to expect different results from your current situation. In addition to the Full Body Cleanse, I can also recommend our Headache And Pain Formula to help you deal with the pains you are having in your legs. You can find more detailed product information on the website via Articles and Online Store. I hope these suggestions help you to make some good choices about what steps you can take to begin your journey of building your personal health! Articles: "Hepatitis", "Heart Problems".

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)

I commend you for trying to find natural alternatives for the care of your child. There is great and easy way to navigate your way through the website to help you easily find our Dherbs products for any issues that you may be experiencing. On the main page, go to ONLINE store. There is an area that you can type your request, (ie., diaper rash) and all the products that we carry that can be used for this will come on the screen for you to choose from! We have a few awesome products that you can use to help with your child's diaper rash. The Children and Infant Oral Antiseptic Spray, and Oz-Oil can be used to help resolve the issue. You can find more detailed information on the products on the website in the online store! Have a wonderful day.

It's different a different form of hypertension, so I'd recommend the Lungs & Respiratory formula. 

Lungs & Respiratory

Man, it's not much a person with a colostomy bag can do, considering their colon has been out. However, they should still nourish their colon as if the colon was still in tact. They should take Colon & Digestive Tract, drink vegetable juice, eat healthy, ect. 

Colon & Digestive Tract

Metaphysically, people with dyslexia incarnate from a previously lived lifetime, whereby they read from right to left. This contradicts reading from left to right in the Western world and as such the person with the dyslexia is said to have a disorder.

No drugs is safe, Beloved! It's foreign to the body! Consider Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals formula! It's 100% NATURAL and ORGANIC and entirely safe! Give it a try and see for yourself! 

Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals

First, I recommend our upcoming manual "The Baby, Toddler, and Small Child Health Manual" But, generally you want to start a baby out on solids after all the baby's teeth come in. Feed a baby puree'd fruit and vegetables, but don't mix them together.

It's a possibility, but why think negative? There's no better felling than knowing a thing. But until he finds out, Don't worry! In the meantime he can perform the Full Body Cleanse, the Electric Greens Combo Cleanse, and the 10 Day Supreme Blood Cleanse. In addition to changing his diet and lifestyle. Article: The Dangers of Chemotherapy.

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)
10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen
10 Day Blood Cleanse

Don't look for answers or solutions primarily from sources outside of the body. There are herbs, but first use your mind. Mental healing! Will your healing into fruition. Good herbs that will assist include Gingko Biloba, Ginseng (all types), and Gotu Kola. Brain Booster, CNS, and Ethereal Bliss are also helpful for your condition. 

Brain Booster
Central Nervous System

By age 2 a child usually develops their own aura unless mother, and child have a unique tight bond. A child is influenced a lot by its mother's energy (aura), so it is not uncommon for a mother's aura to be the same as her child's past the age of 2. It could also be that both simply operate from the same emotions. The mother may have the spirit of child due to being spiritual.

Beloved, why would I want to in futile and falsely raise innocent people's hopes and create bad karma for myself? I'm not one of the unscrupulous Christian ministers who do such, Beloved. I'm a wise natural healer. I have no incentive in raising false hopes. Life is not joke nor is suffering! Sarcoidosis is a PREVENTABLE and REVERSIBLE disease which means it is diet related. A disease is preventable because eating wrong foods can be prevented. A disease is reversible because poor diet is reversible. Research the medical term "degenerative disease" and you'll understand where I'm coming from. I'm not one to embrace autoimmune disease because when the body turns on itself that's not natural. The person did something to make their body attack itself. People invite disease, Ma'am via WRONG DIET, WRONG THOUGHTS, WRONG ACTIONS, etc. If she was born with sarcoidosis, she picked up in life, a life that she led pursuant to her own free will. I say again: YOU CAN heal from any disease! If you believe you can, you can. If you believe you can't, you can't! It IS that simple! Jesus (not that you may be a Christian, I'm just quoting) stated: If thou canst belive, all things are possible to him that believeth!

Greetings! I recommend The Male Cleanse which will address every concern you wrote about. While performing this cleanse, order and drink "Kidney's Tea", and "Jackrabbit Tea" (1 cup of each daily while cleansing). Your genital glands may have become weakened due to the excess masturbation. You lost a lot of zinc (with every ejaculation zinc and other nutrients are lost), so after the TMC make sure you purchase, and take our Zinc Formula, MSM Sulfur, Kidneys-Bladder Formula and Male Hormonal Formula, at least for 3 months until you rebuild the uro-genital system. The kidneys are connected to the sex glands. Learn mental science for sexual enhancement. The same principles apply. Check out our 'Mental Science' e-book and work those techniques in the sex act. Trust me - they work! You can heal, Beloved! Also, read some of our great FREE health articles on male sexual health. The site is loaded with good free information! Thank you for your interest in!

Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals
Male Hormonal Formula
MSM Sulfur
The Male Cleanse
Zinc Formula
Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals Tea
Jackrabbit Tea

I'd probably opt for vegetable juice despite the fact that wheatgrass is very nutritional.

As much as they want to! It's an herb! You can't overdose! Please read "How To Take Herbs", "Are Herbs Safe To Take?".

Simply detoxify your body (2-4 times per year), eat plenty of live, raw foods including consume vegetable juice, consume Styptic Formula (3 capsules per day), and you'll be fine. These things above will help you dissolve blood clots. 

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (eBook)

Our article 'Right Side vs. Left Side' should be up on the site next week, Beloved. It answers your inquiry. Please stay tuned to! Article will be a "Featured" article. The right side is the masculine side and deals with feelings of aggression, assertiveness, responsibility, active rather than receptive, etc. Taking on too many masculine attributes. More rational than emotional and intuitive.

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