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No! Only my name is of Egyptian origin. I am African-American.

Dental care is pretty allopathic, and you need to make a choice about the piece of molar in your mouth. Are you willing to deal with your teeth spreading. While my teeth have been fine since 1994, I still live with the damage of my past (I have two teeth that were pulled and have empty space where the molars were - I didn't want plastic or anything synthetic in my mouth). The last time I went to the dentist, he did major damage trying to pull my tooth out. A piece of teeth went through my gums, and slightly protruded through my mouth. It eventually healed, but I learned my lesson. So you have a choice to make, Beloved! Only you can make that decision. You don't want to live with pain though! That's why I got my two teeth pulled - the pain was unbearable! I've been fine ever since due to my vegan and raw foods diet. I know brush my teeth with Natural Tooth Powder and sometimes Activated Charcoal. These help keep the teeth very white and the mouth hygienic. You only oil pull once a day, or if you oil pull more than once, you only do so on an empty stomach. 

Activated Charcoal
Natural Tooth Powder

It may be genetic. Give the baby organic calcium so the teeth can repair from the inside out. However, the child may be genetically predisposed.

That's an unfortunate situation. Have the mother read the information on or schedule a consultation so she can speak with me live and direct. These are the only ways I know to help, Beloved. I'm also about to write an article on DEPRESSION, and the DANGERS OF ANTIDEPRESSANTS. Hang in there and know that your cousin wrote her own life script (before she was born), so she is gaining an experience so as to learn a life lesson for her soul's purpose. It doesn't make sense on a lower level, but on a higher level, it all will add up and make sense. God's hand is over everything, even those things that appear bad.

Patience is required in healing, Beloved! Let nature take her natural course! Also, there may be underlying metaphysical causative factors for the seizures. I would suggest adding Ethereal Bliss with Brain Booster, and she should also drink the Brain Booster Tea along with taking the capsules. These are optional, but I do recommend them, at least to experiment with in hopes of facilitating elimination of the seizures. Have her perform deep breathing exercises on a daily basis too! A raw foods/vegan diet is BEST for her too! Undoubtedly so! Those restaurants are using some very dangerous chemicals. Drive this point home to her! 

Brain Booster
Brain Booster Tea

Everything you need to know about our products is on our site. Visit the Online Store and click on "All products". Or, use our search engine by typing in a particular name.

The FBC eliminates toxins via the eliminative organs (liver, kidneys, colon, etc.). Herbs in and toxins out!

Please read our articles entitled "Eczema", and "Skin Disorder = Blood Disorder" in our articles section. Diet-wise, please order and read our "Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual (EBook)", and start feeding the child a vegan diet. Avoid all acidic foods which irritate his skin. 

Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual (EBook)

To improve orgasm, sounds like you'd benefit from The Female Cleanse, and then by a daily regimen of Bunny Rabbit (3-6 capsules) daily, and 1 cup of Jackrabbit Tea daily. There is help for you, Beloved! 

The Female Cleanse
Jackrabbit Tea
Bunny Rabbit

First perform the Full Body Cleanse, next perform the The Female Cleanse. After these cleanses Female Hormonal Formula, Menstrual Cycle Formula, Female Health Tea, and Yoni Cleanser. Please take time to read the following articles: "Menopause", "Female Hormonal Replacement Therapy?".

Full Body Cleanse
Female Hormonal
Menstrual Cycle Formula
Yoni Cleanser
The Female Cleanse
Female Health Tea

Perform the Full Body Cleanse, and drink Kidneys Tea (1-2 cups daily) while performing cleanse. Also, drink unsweetened Cranberry juice daily (half glass diluted in water).

Full Body Cleanse
Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals
Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals Tea

Technically, no it isn't!

Perform the Full Body Cleanse, followed by the Weight Release Cleanse, followed by the 10 Day Colon Cleanser. Modify your diet too! Exercise as well. Use your mind and see yourself the way you desire to be. Order our "Mental Science Manual." Very helpful tool indeed! 

Full Body Cleanse
Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen
10 Day Colon Cleanser

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