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What causes diabetes is explained in our ""Diabetes" articles. Raw cane sugar should be avoided for healthier sweeteners such as maple syrup, agave nectar, and Stevia to name a few.

Perform the Full Body Cleanse and then afterwards take Eye Formula (6 capsules daily) and drink Eye Tea daily (2 cups) and Blueberry Juice (1 cup daily). Eat plenty of blueberries as well!

Full Body Cleanse
Eye Formula
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)
Eye Tea

You can consume the tea as often as you like anytime.  It's best to consume the tea at least twice a day in the morning and later in the day.  For the best results, you should adjust your diet consuming more fruits and vegetables than anything else.  The Weight Release Tea compliments the Weight Release Formula, it's best consumed together. 

Weight Release Formula
Weight Release Tea

Doing the Full Body Cleanse followed by the Pancreas Cleanse And Regimen can help aid with the conditions of diabetes blood sugar levels. By cleansing your pancreas specifically it will help normalize blood sugar levels. Your blood sugar levels is related directly to your diet. Changing your diet is the most beneficial thing to do.

Full Body Cleanse
Pancreas Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

See a chiropractic! Take hot soaks daily! Consume MSM Sulfur and Headache And Pain Formula. An article on back pain is coming soon!

MSM Sulfur

Lack of POTASSIUM, Beloved! I recommend the Potassium Phosphate Formula for this problem!

We have and Electric Greens Combo, Alkaline Formula, and Digestion Aid that will benefit you in this situation. You can take them all everyday with at least an hour in between each one. 

Electric Greens Combo
Alkaline Formula

We can help you get you off the anti-depressant meds. First detox (Full Body Cleanse) and then perform a daily regimen of Nerve Formula (3 capsules 2 or 3 times a day) and drink a cup of Nerve-Calming Tea 1-2 times daily. Also, take Chakra Elixirs: Sixth Chakra and Seventh Chakra (anytime of the day).

Full Body Cleanse
Nerve Formula
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)
Nerve-Calming Tea

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