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Reviews: Full Body Cleanse

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  • Full Body Cleanse

    More than the weight loss it also benefited my hair started growing. My nails look healthy as well as a positive mindset. Oh how wonderful to be toxin free! *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    I tried the full body cleanse for the first time and was very pleased with the product and the results. I lost 12 pounds!!I never really felt hungry and have not missed meat at all. I would recommend this product to jump start a healthy lifestyle. I plan to continue the raw vegan eating habits and incorporating some more of the DHerbs products. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    Very thorough cleanse enjoyed the health bennifits *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    The full body cleanse helped with my energy level and focus. Thank you for getting 2016 off to a great start. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    It was a miracle worker! I heard about it on the Steve harvey morning show and wanted to try. I cleaned out my system really well. I recommend it to friends and family. I lost 15 pounds during the cleanse. I really loved the weight release tea as well. Even tho it is a lot of pills to take, it really isn't that bad. I would try it and actually put in the effort and you will love the results. You will feel more energy and just feel better all over. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    Your products are just wonderful and more importantly it really Works!!! *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    I strongly recommend this product to millions of peoples through out America this cleansing is the best things that can ever happen for folks that are trying to get themselves back together. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    I have been very over weight my entire life. I've tried so many weight loss products and whatever fad diet was in at the time and it worked for the moment and as soon as it was over the weight came back and even double. The Dherbs Full Body Cleanse blew my mind. I really didn't think that it was going to work. It did!!! I'm on day 12 right now and I'm down 32lbs!! The booklet said from 10-30 lbs. I'm so excited to see how much weight I will have dropped by day 20. I feel better than I have felt in such a very long time. The inflammation in my legs and arms are gone. The pain in my knees gone. Thank God for this and may he continue to bless you all. I can't wait to see what The Weight release cleanse does for me!!! *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    I was skeptical about doing this cleanse at first because I'm not one to fall for those "get (insert your favorite adjective) quick" schemes. However this was different. TLDR: I lost 17 lbs in 20 days, and I'm currently doing this cleanse for the second time. I completed my first cleanse August 2015, and I felt amazing at the end. It was difficult making the change, and halfway through I wanted to give up. But I stuck with it and I'm so glad I did. My energy level became constant, my skin cleared up, and the best part, I had lost 17 lbs. The energy change is hard to explain but think of it like a battery. Before the cleanse, I would wake up at 40%, then I would have my coffee and muffin and get up to 90% and throughout the day go up and down like that. Whereas on the cleanse, I woke up feeling at 65% and by the end of the first hour or so, I felt like I was at 85%. And I remained at that level all day long. By the time I went to bed, my energy was pretty much all gone, and I slept so much better because I felt like I was really recharging my body for the next day. My skin cleared up as well. This wasn't something I had noticed until my coworkers mentioned it to me. Apparently I had a glow and my skin looked nicer. I felt like this was mostly due to all the water I was drinking, but I'm sure the herbs helped with that as well. And down to the real stuff, this may be a little TMI, but very important for this cleanse. The biggest change was how regular I became. Excluding number 1 (which was an all day thing because of all the water I had to drink), I went once in the morning and at night. Certain vegetables triggered more activity (ie: beets) but for the most part, I knew what was going inside of me, and what was coming out. My previously constant digestive issues- constipation and bloating, had disappeared. Even though I felt good about what I was doing for my body, I must admit I broke down and had a slice of pizza on day 12. It was delicious at the time, but I felt so incredibly guilty afterwards. And I even felt it in my body too. The day after I had that slice of pizza, I did NOT use the bathroom at my usual morning time. I suppose this meant my body needed more time to break down that pizza. And that was just one medium sized slice from Domino's! I can only imagine what would've happened if I had eaten rice and curry goat and jerk chicken. I say this to say, this cleanse is truly about cleaning your body. We put so much into our bodies everyday, and it's important to take some time and clean it out. Just like spring cleaning or car maintenance, it's important to do the same with our bodies. This idea kept me motivated, and even though I hit a speed bump in the middle, that bump made it all the more clear why the raw diet was so important. Yes, the herbs help clean you out and regulate some body parts which is great, but the raw diet is key! And something I learned, cooking food actually makes it harder for you to digest it, even if it's vegetables! So I definitely now understand the full benefits of eating raw. While I'll probably go back to eating cooked food (I do miss the warmness) I will make better choices about what I eat. I'll try to do raw things as much as possible. So I'm obviously a fan of this product, and I'm currently on day 6 of my second full body cleanse. It's much easier this time around and I feel great thus far. (And big plus, I'm already down 7 lbs!) I wish everyone the best of luck! This product is highly recommended! *
3491 results

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