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Reviews: Lip Butter - Lavender

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  • Lip Butter - Lavender

    It took me a few hours to get used to the smell of the natural ingredients but the coarse feel of the product sloughed off the chapped skin on my lips. They are as soft as butter now! Unlike other chapped skin products Lavender Lip Butter doesn't seem to build up immunity (requiring the customer to use more of the product in order for it to continue working. *
  • Lip Butter - Lavender

    This lavender lip butter was very soothing and I didn't have to apply it as often compared to the other lip products I had used in the past for my chapped lips. Although I did notice that this lip balm got a little harden after the first couple of months so maybe it would be nice to know where I should stored this lip balm. Other than that I'm satisfied with the product and definitely would recommend it to my friend. *
2 results

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