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  • Soap Container

    This soap container is extremely convenient for me. It is very well crafted and I use it to store my soap when traveling or at home. I highly recommend it. *
  • Soap Container

    I am absolutely in love with this soap container. So much I bought two of them. It’s actually really durable. Super thick. And it has the dherbs logo which means no one else can put any other kind of soap in here. The shipping was fast. And the price is very reasonable for the soap containers. This make a great gift! *
  • Soap Container

    From the soap container, to the tea, the vitamins, tooth powder, and body oils, this company has left me satisfied everytime. The soap container holds up very well for me. Unless someone is really rough with it, this container should last a good while. *
3 results

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Soap Container 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.
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