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    OPEN STATUS-NEWOctober 17, 2016
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     zika vitus
    ANSWEREDOctober 11, 2016
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     Kidney cyst
    OPEN STATUS-NEWSeptember 1, 2016
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     my lungs are very sick i have been through h1n1 i have been taken too much antibiotic and doesn t help me any more. i want to buy chakra elixirs as many parts of my body are affected, grounging with earth, adrenals. i lost thyroid. also i need protection very strong as the woman who took my husband is working on me incantations and heavy work with prfessional muslims from algeria and egypt. my husbaqnd is also gone in his mind as she is using staff in his food, drink, bed…my question is i want to buy chakra chackra elixirs for all chakras how i will take them gradually started with one or all of them every day. i also want to give to my mother who is 81 and has some problems with heart, kidneys and cortex. can i use these products on her she is 81 years old. are there any risks involved? what else you suggest for the mucus in my lungs is from these viruses throwen in canada and USA by pharmaceutical companies.
    ANSWEREDNovember 9, 2015
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