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Greetings! The situation is not as bad as you may think. You just need to focus on cleansing, especially the blood. Keeping using the Breast Oil, but also incorporate the Face and Body Oil. Steaming (i.e. sauna) would also be beneficial. Perform the sea soak as often as possible. Read our article "Sea Salt Soak". Don't worry about the problem so much. Use mental science (consider our "Mental Science Manual e-book"). It's not so bad, Beloved! Just concentrate on your healing, and let the power within that is greater than yourself deliver the healing to you. Breast denotes comfort, nurturing, tenderness, etc. Affirmation: "My breasts are in the process of healing RIGHT NOW!" 

Female Breast Oil
Face and Body Oil (8 oz)
Face and Body Oil (4 oz)

Cayenne powder is an excellent herb, great for the blood and circulation. There are a few versions of it as far as heating units are concerned, i.e. 40,000 H.U., 80,000 H.U., 120,000 H.U. And the hottest is called African Bird Pepper.

Time doesn't exist on the other side so it could take a few hundred years, or perhaps less. It all depends on the soul. They still have free will on the Other side. This is also a favorite subject of mine. Answering excessive health inquiries take up my article writing time. I would love to write an article on ghosts. It's long overdue.

Opt for nutrition over healing while pregnant. Take Electric Greens Combo Cleanse for detoxing while pregnant.

10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen

We are unable to list all 102 minerals on the bottle (of course), but the formula provides a full spectrum of nutrients (102 minerals). Not the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) created by government. The balance of minerals, and vitamins are safe and optimal. You're getting a full spectrum of vitamins, B-vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, etc. Read our article on MINERALS in our article section. 

You can juice fruits and vegetables for nutrition, Beloved. Jucie fruits and vegetables separately though! They all provide nutrition. Fruits and vegetables are the best

Ghosts are the etheric bodies of people who just died. These hang around after death because they are stuck between 2 planes of existence. Ghosts occur when people are too attached to the earth realm that they can't move forward in life. Even in death they identify with this plane, like in the movie "Ghost." Poltergeist is a pissed off ghost! That's all! There are negative spirits whereas ghosts are positive spirits. UFOS are two-fold, alien-based and others are government-based. The government conceals UFOs from the citizens. They make certain space crafts for national security purposes. UFOs exist though!

Helpful Dherbs products include Full Body Cleanse, Thyroid Aid formula, Electric Greens Combo, and Iodine Phosphate. Please take time to read our article entitled "Thyroid Gland".

Full Body Cleanse
Electric Greens Combo
Thyroid Aid

Greetings! No need to feel helpless. Feeling is very powerful and you will attract more of what you are feeling if you don't control your feeling. Please consider ordering and READING (digesting) our "Mental Science Manual" and "The Love Manual" e-books. If you had sex with the guy who cheated on you, you ignited stored residual feelings from the initial violation of your trust. Forgive yourself (and him) and move on. Okay, as far as the sun baked bread, LISTEN to your body. If you're feeling heat, it's stimulating. Cut back on eating this bread. Go back to a little brown or wild rice (very balancing). Remember to detoxify your body periodically! Full Body Cleanse and Anti-V Formula. 

Full Body Cleanse
Anti-V Cleanse and Regimen

The couple was from Atlanta! What went wrong is that while they were well-intentioned, they were ignorant, ignorant to true nutrition. They fed the baby soy milk, and soy milk does not contain nutrition. They didn't supplement the soy milk with nutrition which they could have done with herbs such as alfalfa, Irish Moss, Iceland Moss, etc.

You hit the hammer on the head on the nail. That's exactly what's causing your challenge, Beloved! I recommend use of mental science (see our "The Mental Science Manual" e-book), perform Kegels exercises, as well as anti-gravity exercises (legs up higher than the head so blood flow can rush down to the head), etc. 

Herbs are are plants, just pulverized and powdered. We don't call our herbs supplements. Herbs are food and you can't supplement food, Beloved! There is no substitute for a real food, Beloved! Only the real thing!

Utilize the principles of mental science (visualization) as recorded in "The Mental Science" E-book and wait on Nature for the natural process of healing. Outside of this, surgery is the only option, Beloved! 

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