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Greetings! Have you detoxed (Full Body Cleanse)? Acne is a blood disorder. Please read our article "Skin Disorder = Blood Disorder" for more information. Our Healing Facial Kit will be out later this month. Stay positive! Don't focus so much on the problem. Use visualization techniques, and see yourself as you desire to see yourself, with flawless skin.

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Travel lifestyle will greatly affect your health because excessive traveling throws off your circadian rhythm. Jet lag is when the plane has landed on the physical ground but your ethereal self is still up in the sky and so you are not all there so to speak. Stay tuned for our article on "Jet Lag". formulas that can assist in counteracting jet lag include: Nerve Formula, (and/or Tea) and Ethereal Bliss. - Tell 10 people about us!!!!

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I am glad you took the time to read the article. I hope you found it to be informative. Thank you for your patience in regard to this response. gets hundreds of questions at "Ask the Herbalist" daily. We do our best to respond in a timely manner. You can easily find a place to purchase liquid MSM eye drops by doing a google search. There are many companies who have it for purchase. In regard to the other product you found for your eyes, the ingredients you listed are very good for strengthening the eyes. I would suggest that you do some research to find out if this product has additives or other ingredients that are unnatural/synthetic/inorganic. And just in case you were not aware, Dherbs carries products with similar ingredients and more in capsule and tea form. Thank you again for your interest in! We apreciate you!

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Greetings! You're using toxins and poisons and are expecting positive results. Not gonna happen, Beloved! You must cleanse from the inside out. Perform the Full Body Cleanse, Sea Salt Soak (visit ARTICLES section on our site and you'll find this article), and rub Face and Body Oil on the damaged skin area instead of all that pharmaceutical crap. Also, from time to time dab some cold aloe vera gel on your vaginal area to help cool it down. Drink unsweetened Cranberry juice diluted with water (half and half). Drink Female Health Tea while detoxing. Drink vegetable juice daily. This is how you heal from your condition, Beloved. 

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The person perhaps shouldn't even consider Gingko due to the fear which is damnable. When people are in fear I usually tell them to do what makes them feel good, and remove the fear because if a person does something in the face of fear and a bad reaction occurs, the fear won't get the blame. The herb or other natural thing will. However, for blood thinning effects of Gingko Biloba, take 9-12 capsules throughout the day, i.e. 3 capsules every 3-4 hours.

Change your diet (raw foods, vegan diet), and perform the Full Body Cleanse. Follow this with by the 10 Day Colon Cleanser. Lots of FREE good information in our "Articles" section. 

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Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)
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Thank you! So much! We really appreciate your words and hope that you will spread the word that such a site exists for Moors and other individuals who desire to attain real truth about health. Our motto is TELL 10 PEOPLE, AND HAVE THESE 10 PEOPLE TELL 10 PEOPLE so the word will spread and grow. People can wake up to a truth they need to know. There is so much more to come to at Please stay tuned to, and Thank You in advance for any order that you may place with us. Much obliged from the heart!

Greetings! Unfortunately we don't have an alternative to DHA oil capsules. What are you taking DHA for specifically? Read some of our articles on "Omega-3".

There's always something you can do. First of all, read the information in the LUPUS article, and get informed on this health challenge. Because she's 8 she'd fare well with the Children's Detox.

I don't know, Beloved! I haven't studied this products. I'm really only into herbs.

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