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For hair: Hair Skin Nails formula, MSM Sulfur, Vitamin C formula. The Female Breast Formula causes moderate breast growth over time; and also helps the health of the breasts. The hair products and the breast formula can be taken together.

Female Breast Formula
Hair Skin Nails
MSM Sulfur
Vitamin C

Please read our "Attention-Deficit Disorder" article in our article section. These children really don't need anything, just mental stimulation in a boring classroom. But if you insist something natural over chemical (drug), i.e. Recommend Nerve-Calming Tea (1 cup before school).

Nerve-Calming Tea

Please read our article "Halitosis" for remedies and recourse! For cholesterol: Cholesterol Formula

Cholesterol Formula

Pads, i.e. Ultra Care brand available at health food stores. Please read some of our articles on Tampons.

See our Herbal Contraception formula in our online store. There are no alternatives for condoms except for coitis interruptus.

Woman's Choice

Cleanse your body (temple) - detox, detox, detox (Full Body Cleanse) followed performance of The Female Cleanse. Drink Female Health Tea too while performing these cleanses. Change your diet: fewer meats and no dairy products!

Full Body Cleanse
The Female Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)
Female Health Tea

The miso soup is the exception to the dietary rule! NO tofu, NO Ezekiel grain breads (no processed grains at all). Sprouted grains are grains (or seeds) soaked in water overnight and consumed. They are not cooked! Hummus is okay (as it's not cooked). Recommended article: "What is: Raw Foods?" Visit our articles section!

We have a Gray-less Hair formula which helps with the production of melanin in the hair root. It works great when used with our Gray-less Hair Rinse.  

Gray-less Hair
Gray less Hair Rinse

Sorry for the delay - we are backed up due to numerous inquiries. Please start with the Full Body Cleanse for starters. Contact us or schedule a consultation afterwards so we can move on to phase two in helping this person to heal. Healing requires a healthy mind so I'm also suggesting the Mental Science Manual e-book for reading while Detoxing.

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

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Vitamin C