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Feed him more fiberous foods (fruits and vegetables). Cholesterol comes from 2 sources: meat and dairy products! Are you feeding him meat and dairy? If so, this is the source of his cholesterol problem. It's not limited to just greasy food.

I recommend that you detox (Full Body Cleanse) first and foremost. After Detoxing, take Alkaline Formula and Colon & Digestive Tract. For the nose-bleeding, insert goldenseal powder on a wet tissue and insert into the nose for a few minutes.

Full Body Cleanse
Colon & Digestive Tract
Alkaline Formula

Please read our article "Ear Problems" on our website under "Articles" section. There is help for you!

That's part of it! It sounds like your're really toxic and need to continuously cleanse your body, i.e. Full Body Cleanse, 10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen, etc.

Full Body Cleanse
10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen

Sounds like a good releasing going on. This is good! This is healthy!

We recommend the Full Body Cleanse for total cleansing. Otherwise give the Cardiovascular Formula and Circulation Aid Formula a try.

Full Body Cleanse
Circulation Aid

Please read our "Thyroid Gland" article" in our article section. Herbally, I recommend our Thyroid Aid formula, Electric Greens Combo, and Iodine Phosphate Formula. Kelp is a seaweed and all seaweeds are good for thyroid problems.

Electric Greens Combo
Thyroid Aid

For hair: Hair Skin Nails formula, MSM Sulfur, Vitamin C formula. The Female Breast Formula causes moderate breast growth over time; and also helps the health of the breasts. The hair products and the breast formula can be taken together.

Female Breast Formula
Hair Skin Nails
MSM Sulfur
Vitamin C

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Zinc Formula