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The Female Breast Formula along with visualization exercises (seeing your breasts bigger in your mind) will help natural enhancement.

Female Breast Formula

Please read our article: "Genital Herpes". Also, purchase the Mental Science Manual as well so you can get your mind right!

Visit our new "Alternative Health Directory" under More Services on the Home Page to find locations on many alternative therapies.

We don't advise on medical practices. The procedure itself is just to make sure there's no cancerous cells in the cervix. If you choose to go forth with having it done, it will not effect your cleanse. If the procedure requires you to take pain killers that might have an effect to detoxing as it helps eliminate drugs out of your system.

Everybody should be taking vitamins and minerals. I recommend Multi-Vitamins and Minerals formula.

Multi-Vitamins and Minerals

We make it very clear that the detox (Full Body Cleanse) diet calls for a strictly raw foods diet. Now if you want to eat vegan foods that's your choice via free will. Raw foods are BEST though! Just do the best you can!

Full Body Cleanse

Herbs can't help this condition if it is genetic. If the boobs are from weight gain, then release (lose) some weight. If not, then surgery (which we are against) is your only option.

Drink as much water to flush your system out until you can order the necessary herbal products. Drink aloe vera juice (mornings) as well as Cranberry juice (unsweetened) in the afternoons.

The child is BORED and really doesn't need anything but stimulation. But if you want something to give her, I'd recommend Brain Booster Tea each morning (1 cup before going to school).

Brain Booster Tea

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