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Her breast is speaking to her! Right breast denotes MASCULINE and left breast FEMININE. Masculine means taking on too much responsibilities, working too much to provide. Feminine means lack of personal comfort and relaxation or neglecting one's own personal needs. That breast is telling her to take a break from NURTURING others and to nurture self! Period! She needs personal comfort! She should try The Female Cleanse for 3-weeks as a gift to herself. Working in a nursing home she's taking on other people's (patients) energy. Cut the breast off? Doctors are crazy, but not more crazy than the women who allow doctors to cut off their breast. But, to each his/her own!!!!

The Female Cleanse

Perform the Full Body Cleanse first and then The Female Cleanse. You're constipated! After your cleanses, take daily 3 capsules of Bowel Motion, 1 cup Bowel Motion Tea, and 3 capsules of Intestinal Cleanser. These herbs will help you to naturally release unnecessary weight (waste). Cheer up! There is much healing in store for you!

Full Body Cleanse
Bowel Motion
Intestinal Cleanser
The Female Cleanse
Bowel Motion Tea

I would suggest you perform the Full Body Cleanse a few times. Do it and then do it again in a few months. The 10 Day Colon Cleanser is also ideal for your tumors. Concentrate on cleansing and your diet. Drink a lot of vegetable juice and drink plenty of water!

Full Body Cleanse
10 Day Colon Cleanser

I suggest the Full Body Cleanse for your condition. Herbs are NOT poisons but drugs and dialysis are! Herbs can help you to heal!!!!! Flush by drinking plenty of water!

Full Body Cleanse

Have your daughter perform the Children Detox (liquid extracts) . Change her diet! Remove all junk and meat, dairy products, refined grains, etc. Have the child drink African-Carribean Spring Cleanser Tea as well (every day)!!!

We recommend doing the Full Body Cleanse first to help rid the body of the reason fluid is built up followed by the Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen. The Full Body Cleanse can help eliminate the actual cause of fluid, the Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen will help assist with eliminating the fluid itself.

Full Body Cleanse
Respiratory Cleanse and Regimen

Start brushing your teeth with Activated Charcoal [read our article "Benefits Of Carbon A/K/A Activated Charcoal" under the ARTICLE section on our site]. Gargle everyday with hydrogen peroxide (cap full). Change your diet! Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of vegetable juice. Eat plenty of strawberries - great for the teeth!

Activated Charcoal

Thank you for your acknowledgment, Beloved! Much obliged! Metaphysics: Emotionally, the knees (knee pain) refelcts inflexibility in your perception of the future. It occurs more often in those with an arrogant or stubborn personality, who are unable to bend to new ideas or to the ideas of others. Physical: Knee pain denotes inflammation and should be treated immediately. I recommend Dherbs.Com Headache And Pain Formula, Joint Aid formula, Alkaline Formula, MSM Sulfur, and Enzymes Formula. Rub a natural salve product on your knees too (or essential oil of Eucalyptus and Peppermint). Rub knees daily with these oils. Apply olive oil on the knees first before you rub in these 2 oils.

Joint Aid
MSM Sulfur
Alkaline Formula

Yes, I have heard of it and agree with what it purports and recommend takyon as well as diodes, crystals, seaweed, etc. For protection against radiation..

This person needs to consider performing the Full Body Cleanse and after such detox, do a daily regimen of Electric Greens Combo, Alkaline Formula, Enzymes Formula, and Colon & Digestive Tract. For right now, she needs more alkalinity in her system which comes from green foods. Alkalinity counteracts acidity. Have her drink vegetable juice daily.

Full Body Cleanse
Colon & Digestive Tract
Electric Greens Combo
Alkaline Formula

Flax seed undoubtedly helps the colon (due to fiberous nature) but it is absurd to think or suggest that flax seeds (in any form) promotes parasites. Meat, dairy, refined grains and other processed foods is what promotes parasites in the stomach, colon, and rest of the body. So, as Public Enemy would say: "Don't believe the hype!"

Check out my article on "Sickle Cell" under ARTICLES on Dherbs.Com. A new article entitled "The Metaphysics Of Sickle Cell Crisis And Malaria" is coming within 2 weeks so be on the lookout!

I suggest you perform Dherbs Pancreas Cleanse And Regimen followed by a daily regimen of Pancreas Formula, Pancreas Formula, and Sugar Formula. Please read our "Diabetes" article on our site for more information on how to heal from diabetes. Government will always suppress natural cures because it's easier to control sick people as well as pimp them for their hard-earned money. There's no incentive for healing people. It would put doctors and hospitals out of business.

Pancreas Formula
Sugar Formula
Pancreas Cleanse

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