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  • Mucus Tea

    Mucus Buster tea really works!! My chest became so conjested that when I coughed it felt as if I was going throw up. Maybe the problem should have been treated sooner. The mucus buster tea helped to thin out the thickened mucus and also to bring up mucus lodged further down. This was just by drinking the tea, and I really like the taste too. *
  • Mucus Tea

    This product helped eliminate hardened mucus in my chest that wouldn't move until I started having a cup every day before lunch time. Also felt the difference in my nostrils. *
  • Mucus Tea

    The mucus buster tea is a great tea for colds, stuffy nose. It helped my grandkid breath better. *
  • Mucus Tea

    This tea is AWESOME!! I've purchased three bags, and am now down to one. My mother raved over the product, saying that it "saved my life," after a trying cold and flu season. I will definitely purchase more soon!!! Keep up the fine work!!! *
  • Mucus Tea

    I love this product. It helps me with my sinus and help with the breathing. thanks Dherbs. *
  • Mucus Tea

    My husband really likes the Mucus Buster tea. Like all of your products my family and I have tried it and it works great. When he drinks it he notices that he begins to breath better and his chest feels lighter.Thank you for such great products. We would be lost without Dherbs! *
  • Mucus Tea

    Did not know how well product would work when I decided to purchase it. But it was a better choice than the OTC counterpart. After using the tea on a regular basis for one month, I was pleased with the results. I will not hesitate in re-ordering Mucus Buster tea. Lee J. Atlanta, GA *
25 results

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