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I have no idea! I really don't believe in ADD! ADD only means a child is too advanced and is greatly bored in the classroom learning non-mentally stimulating things for an old world paradigm. However, the drugs you are giving those innocent children are harming their bodies and overall health. Problems are not fixed by drugging. Have you read our article entitled "Attention-Deficit Disorder"?

Appendicitis means the appendix is inflamed because it is too acidic and it got this way from poor diet that was too acid-forming. The appendix is a filter and when it gets too toxic it becomes inflamed from all the mucus in it. However, doctors didn't have to remove it, but hey, that's what they do! Surgery is big bucks!

Read the article "Skin Disorder = Blood Disorder". It's in our articles section and the article is full of natural remedies. You can heal, Beloved! Know this! Please read also some other articles tagged Skin, Healthy Skin, "Skin Health", etc.

There's a reason for the uneven skin tone. Cleanse the body! Toxins or excess mucus may be trapped near these areas. See your face even all over pertaining to skin tone. Check out the Mental Science Manual. Healing begins in the mind!

Please read the articles "Diabetes" and "Black Hair, Nappy Hair", "Hair Problems", and "Why Black Women Hair Fall Out"! These are in our articles section. Vitamins may help but the root may be your reproductive organs which manifest disease in the hair, i.e. thinning, split ends, etc.

Make sure you put aloe vera gel on the damaged skin of the child daily. Aloe is very calming and healing. To prevent infection, rub shea butter on the skin daily. Shea is very good for skin healing. Calendula gel (from a health food store) is also very therapeutic. The Oxy-Oil from Dherbs would be the best healing agent due to the oxygen in it. Alternate between the above oil, gel, and butter. Don't worry too much about the situation. Focus on healing and moving forward. The child will be alright! Peace, Love and Healing!

Oxy-Oil (8 oz)
Oxy-Oil (4 oz)

All understanding of healing begins with knowledge and healing itself begins in the mind. See your child well and the child will get well. Check out our Mental Science Manual. Good reading! Please read our article on "Eczema" and "Skin Disorder = Blood Disorder" in our articles section. It's not so much about taking products but modifying the diet. Most children with eczema are fed a horrible and poor diet rich in meat, dairy products, refined grains, etc. That only exacerbates the problem. Rub the child's skin down with Shea Butter. Alternate with our Face and Body Oil. The child's bed should be draped in the color blue, the antidote to the color red, the color of burning inflammation. Bed sheets, spread, pillows, etc should be blue or light blue. I'd even paint the walls of the child's bedroom sky blue due to its soothing effect. It's a shame that some herbalists are only about the money. At Dherbs, we are all about education which is why our site is laced with so much information. Stay positive and optimistic!

Face and Body Oil (8 oz)
Face and Body Oil (4 oz)

The FDA and CDC only acknowledge drugs and nothing plant-based. They know about all products including ours and do not embrace them as they cannot make money off of herbs. Drugs is where the money is at. Drugs can be regulated and herbs can't. Would it make sense for government to promote cures when government makes money off of disease due to drugs created for diseases? You will never hear talk about cures being discovered because as comedian Chris Rock said: the money is not in cures but in drugs - drugs sales. Therefore, it's politically correct to talk about finding cures but it is politically incorrect to actually find them.

I would suggest the person perform the 10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen followed by the 10 Day Colon Cleanser. For the hot flashes, I would recommend The Female Cleanse. Please read our article on "Menopause" too in our articles section.

The Female Cleanse
10 Day Colon Cleanse
10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen

Have them follow the advice in the "Eye Problems" article in our article section.

We offer no formulas for keloids, however one should detox and really begin to eat healthy and use their minds to get the healing results they desire. Check out our Mental Science Manual in our e-book section.

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

Almond milk and hemp milk are great alternatives as opposed to consuming milk from the cow. The best thing about almond milk is that you can make it yourself ensuring that its 100% natural and raw. Dairy is not a great thing to consume daily as it can be hard on you digestive system.

Read "Nose Bleed". Water plays a role, but his mucous membranes need to be lubricated. They can use olive oil, shea butter, and coconut oil.

By all means perform the Full Body Cleanse, and perhaps after the FBC, perform the 10-Day Electric Greens Cleanse. Consider changing your diet as well. To include more fruits, and vegetables. Consider consuming raw and vegan foods. The milk you're drinking is part of the problem! Please take time to to read the following article: "Acid Reflux: Heartburn".

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)
10 Day Electric Green Combo Regimen

Read "Uneven Skin Tone". Skin tone changes based upon life changes, just as your hands change based upon life changes. Live healthy, holistic, and everything will come back into balance. You see, evidently you did something for the skin to become uneven, after all, the skin was not always uneven. Something happened based upon what was going on in your life, and things you were doing and thinking. Go back to that period and reflect and start from there. Do the reverse and the healing will begin.

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