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We have no knowledge of this product. However, citrus fruit is a natural fat burner.

No, they're actually better. They allow the organs to breathe!

Take 6 capsules daily of Enzymes Formula, 3 capsules daily of Brain Booster, and 3 capsules of CNS (Central Nervous System) Formula. These will help to repair your damaged scar tissue. Take them faithfully and be patient (as you have serious scar tissue damage). The herbs will begin to help repair the damaged tissue.

Brain Booster
Central Nervous System

There most certainly is! You can heal from any degenerative disease! Change your thoughts, your diet (go vegan and raw foods), your lifestyle and if need be, your environment. Begin by detoxifying your body (see Full Body Cleanse). 

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

The mucus the child swallows back down will leave the body via the stools. When the child is older, he/she will learn to spit the mucus out. The body knows how to eliminate what is not wanted in the body. 

You can't on a restricted fluid diet. You would have to make a choice on which route you'd be taking. You can't do dialysis and natural medicine healing.

From what you wrote I would suggest you start drinking alkaline water (purchase an alkaline water machine, you can find various brands in our e-book "Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual"). If you are urinating within 10-15 minutes of drinking water you are not absorbing the water, and thus you require micro-clustered water which an alkaline (and ionizing) water machine does. I also highly recommend consumption of our Kidneys-Bladder formula (3 capsules per day). 

Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals
Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual (EBook)

You sure can! Ounce per ounce it contains 6 to 7 times the amount of Vitamin C in orange juice. Although Moringa will provide you with a plethra of vitamins and nutrients, you still must eat foods that also bring you these nutrients. Supplements are just that, something added to help complete a diet or dietary needs. 


Undergoing any health or body changes within less than a week isn't good. Your body needs time to process change. Gradual steps are the easiest way to introduce your body to change whether it's a new diets, exercising or muscle building.

You prepare them how you want to prepare them: tea, capsules, or extracts. It's your choice in which way you desire to take them. Go online ( and purchase books under "Herbal Preparation." Read some of our Herbology articles.

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