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You can't on a restricted fluid diet. You would have to make a choice on which route you'd be taking. You can't do dialysis and natural medicine healing.

From what you wrote I would suggest you start drinking alkaline water (purchase an alkaline water machine, you can find various brands in our e-book "Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual"). If you are urinating within 10-15 minutes of drinking water you are not absorbing the water, and thus you require micro-clustered water which an alkaline (and ionizing) water machine does. I also highly recommend consumption of our Kidneys-Bladder formula (3 capsules per day). 

Kidneys, Bladder & Adrenals
Alternative Diet and Lifestyle Manual (EBook)

You sure can! Ounce per ounce it contains 6 to 7 times the amount of Vitamin C in orange juice. Although Moringa will provide you with a plethra of vitamins and nutrients, you still must eat foods that also bring you these nutrients. Supplements are just that, something added to help complete a diet or dietary needs. 


Undergoing any health or body changes within less than a week isn't good. Your body needs time to process change. Gradual steps are the easiest way to introduce your body to change whether it's a new diets, exercising or muscle building.

You prepare them how you want to prepare them: tea, capsules, or extracts. It's your choice in which way you desire to take them. Go online ( and purchase books under "Herbal Preparation." Read some of our Herbology articles.

Never heard that happen before! By all means, drink Jackrabbit Tea (2 cups per day), take Bunny Rabbit Formula (3 capsules two times per day), and Circulation Aid (3 capsules once per day). See in your mind your clitoris the size you desire it to be!

Circulation Aid
Jackrabbit Tea
Bunny Rabbit

Everything worth's trying to save a life (if the person has the will to live, of course). Personally, if it were us, we'd go for it!

Unfortunately no! We only deal in natural medicine. We don't believe body parts need to be replaced. That's just doctor's way of making money through surgery. Try researching this subject matter on-line.

We don't recommend using any products that are not 100% natural. Chlorophyll is a natural substance found in plants. The most beneficial thing that comes from chlorophyll is it's high source of magnesium. You can consume foods that are high chlorophyll to reap the same benefits or try natural formulas such as the two below. 

Electric Greens Combo

It could be a goiter (possibly). It could also be a sign that you are not expressing yourself on a higher level. As well as the throat is the site of the 5th Chakra - the seat of communication and higher expression. Are you not expressing yourself - your higher truth, your principles? Your Thyroid gland could also be communicating with you for more Iodine. Recommended products include Thyroid Aid formula, Iodine Phosphate, Electric Greens Combo, and 5th Chakra Elixir. 

Electric Greens Combo
Thyroid Aid

The stomach ache is talking to you - LEAVE THE PEPPERS ALONE! Sounds like they are burning you internally! Start drinking aloe vera juice daily (one half water, and one half aloe vera juice). Also consider detoxing your body with a Full Body Cleanse. 

Full Body Cleanse
Full Body Cleanse Companion (EBook)

Yes, add Moringa and Iodine Phosphate to it (for nutritional purposes). And yes, you could freeze it the milk and use later, though fresh is always best. Read "Alternative Infant Formula Milk".

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